Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top 10 Mexican eats $5 (or under)

Vancouver is a food lovers dream but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get a delicious meal. Vancity Buzz and are proud to present our top 10 favorite $5 (or under) Mexican cheap eats.

You ready to eat amigos!?

1. $1 Tacos at The Denman Restaurant & Taphouse

The Denman Restaurant & Taphouse is located right in the heart of English Bay. They offer a killer $1 taco special on Wednesday nights. You can fill yourself up and have a fiesta at only $4!

2. $5 Daily Specials at Muchos Burrito – Davie St

Image: Sweet on Veg

Muchos Burrito on Davie St has just gotten muchos better. On Mondays you can indulge in a large burrito for only $5! On Tuesdays you can choose 3 of your favorite tacos for $5 and on Wednesdays you can have any Mexican inspired salad for—yep, you guessed it, $5 dollars! Can we say muchos amazing!?

3. $2 Soft Shell Tacos at Dona Cata

Dona Cata is no secret amongst the locals. It has been voted (on numerous occasions) to serve the most authentic tacos in Vancouver. Every taco is a little taste of Mexico.

Our top recommendations are: Al Pastor, Beef, & Carne Asada Taco’s.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the complimentary chips they provide to each table! To make things even better—there’s a dozen self-serve salsa selections that you can choose from. Let the salsa fiesta begin!

4. $3 Tamales from El Caracol Mexican Café

What is it with all the overpriced Tamales in Vancouver? Perhaps the corn is growing on gold?? Thankfully, one special joint in Burnaby, called El Caracol Mexican Café sells extremely well priced Tamales. Oh, and they’re pretty good too. You have a few options at El Caracol: you can order 2 regular tamales (they are quite large) at $5, or you can have on flavored tamale (ex, chicken or veggie) for just $3.

5. La Taqueria $2.50 Soft Shell Tacos

Vancouverites love La Taqueria! And for good reason too! The food is amazing and the ambiance is quirky.

6. $4.95 Spicy Fajitas from The Famous Warehouse

Enjoy a choice of spicy seared chicken, braised beef or vegetable, soft corn tortillas. Each is topped with shredded lettuce, tomato, cheddar, fresh salsa & sour cream. They are soft, satisfying and flavorful. We love the spicy braised beef!

7. $5 Azteca Soup (Mexican Soup) from Salsa & Agave Mexican Food

We love this restaurant because as soon as you get seated, you are given complimentary fresh chips and salsa. Doesn’t everything taste better complimentary?
If you’re in the mood for some hearty Mexican soup then we recommend getting the Azteca Soup. A small bowl (which is really a medium-large) is only $5! For those curious–Azteca Soup is based from tomatoes, chipotles and cilantro– which are all cooked in chicken broth and then pureed. It’s a flavor explosion at every spoonful.

8. $4.95 Nachos (for one) from The Dime Roundhouse

Nachos are always a big dilemma. That’s because they’re always too expensive and too large for one person to order on their own. Thankfully though, the Dime Roundhouse offers an extremely generous serving of nachos for one at only $4.95!

9. $4.75 Chicken or Beef Quesadillas from Mexicali’s

Take a ten inch flour tortilla, put it on the grill, sprinkle on three kinds of cheese, add a touch of pico de gallo and a hint of chipotle spice, and fold it in half. When the cheese melts, you have a quesadilla – a Mexican grilled cheese sandwich. Mexicali’s come with salsa & sour cream for dipping.

10. $2 Soft Shell Tacos from Taquerio Jalisco

Tender beef, chicken and pork is slowly braised in aromatic Mexican spices to give you some mean tacos! Flavors and options are limitless. Oh, and at $2 a taco—you will be getting your bang for the buck.

Mexican lovers rejoice.

Vancity Buzz & The Chowmenow Team

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picture 10, by bunny&porkbelly food blog. Feature image by Rick Chung.