You can fly from Vancouver to Cancun or Mexico City for $253 roundtrip

Mar 14 2018, 4:32 pm

While Vancouver’s lush green backyards and West Coast waters are a complete escape of their own, there’s definitely something they’re missing.

Mainly that, there are only three to four months of the entire year in which they’re warm enough to brave without several layers of insulation and a down jacket.

Tropical, clear blue water and warm white sand though? That’s something you can go for all year long – and now you can.

Courtesy of YVR Deals, Interjet has lowered the prices of their non-stop flights from Vancouver to Cancun and Mexico City.

A flight to Cancun now costs you between $253 and $276; a flight from Vancouver to Mexico city costs only $265 CAD – both roundtrip.

The price of the flights do not include checked luggage, but you’ll be packing light anyways.

Flights to Cancun are available for March, April, May, June, September, October, and November of 2018.

Flights to Mexico City are available during March, April, and September of 2018.

Although the flights are at a very good price, remember that Canada recently issued a travel warning to avoid all non-essential travel until further notice. Although neither Cancun or Mexico City were included on this list, for your best interest, you may be more interested in booking later in the year (June, September, October).

Here’s how to book this deal: 

1. Go to the Interjet website.

2. Make sure that the top right corner says EN-CA. This ensures that you’re on the $CAD version of the site.

3. Pick from the listed dates above for a flight from Vancouver (YVR) to Cancun, Mexico (CUN) or Mexico City, Mexico (MEX).

4. Once your search completes, click on ‘See Complete Month’. This will show the cheapest fares available.

5. From there, find the flights that are listed at 70% off.


Image: InterJet

If you want to book the flight for $253 and $232, you’ll need to be comfortable booking in Spanish (or just ask a friend).

You’ll want to follow the same steps, but change the currency to ES-MX, the Peso currency version of the website.

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