Cheap Eats Vancouver: Superbaba

Feb 15 2023, 5:00 pm

We all know that there’s nothing “super” about skipping lunch and getting hangry at 6 pm on a Friday night.

If you’re like us, never fear: Superbaba off Main and Broadway is your saving grace.

The fast-casual spot, which opened its Vancouver location only a few years ago, offers a unique spin on Middle Eastern dishes like falafel and kofta as well as unique specials like crispy eggplant bowls.

All the dishes are on the affordable side, especially considering their high quality.

The space itself is clean and modern, with hanging plants, a neon sign, and beautiful wooden panels on the walls.

The quick and friendly service is equally comforting, and the open-concept kitchen just behind the till sees chefs bringing your order together in minutes.


Max Hill//Daily Hive

Its location next to bike shops and the Fox Theatre is perfect East Van cool, and a visit to Superbaba pairs well with a stop at neighbouring businesses like Pulpfiction Books.

After much deliberation, we decided on the roasted cauliflower wrap and falafel plate, both of which came in at under $15, respectively. 

Both meals were served to us in very generous portions, and with fresh ingredients that were refreshingly grease-free.


Max Hill//Daily Hive

The cauliflower wrap came loaded with sumac onions, house-made pickles, and crispy fries, while the falafel bowl offered tender red cabbage and creamy hummus and tahini.

An excellent choice for the health-conscious, the meal options at Superbaba are fresh and very veg-friendly.

If you’re in the neighbourhood and looking for a bite to eat that won’t break the bank, you could do much worse than Superbaba.


Max Hill//Daily Hive

Superbaba Vancouver

Address: 2419 Main Street, Vancouver


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