Cheap Ass Romance

Vancouver can be expensive, and if you’re taking out a date prices can quickly get out of hand, which is why students at SFU created Cheap Ass Romance. 30 days. 30 date ideas. Each one under $30. Whether you want to impress a first date while staying on budget, or you’ve been together forever and are in need of a shake up, they’ve got you covered.

It all started with one business class and five SFU students tasked with creating an online community. They thought about the kind of content they would seek out, both as students and Vancouverites. They figured that although their project was tied to school that couldn’t mean they couldn’t have some cheeky fun. One thing led to another until they quickly took on online personas to bring you romance, adventure, or a reason to stay at home. All under the theory that there’s no reason being cheap can’t be fun.

They can’t promise you a second date, but they can guarantee a great (or at least cheap) first one. Twitter: @CheapD8Van