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Dec 19 2017, 1:07 pm

The Great Northern Way Campus, situated on the False Creek Flats in East Vancouver, will be a collaborative effort between UBC, SFU, Emily Carr and BCIT to create a centre that fosters and nurtures the raw talent that is in abundance in Vancouver. The campus planning has been a long time coming and finally the first building is being built. It’s about a minute walk from the old lululemon head office on Clark/6th and near VCC station.

The campus is an ambitious project but necessary project if Vancouver wants to remain a hub of digital media for the long run. This is the new economy and many cities want in. It’s up to the levels of government to ensure it remains a vital part of Vancouver’s economy moving forward.

Here is the description from the mcmp architects website about this project:

This new building will house the Masters of Digital Media (MDM) Program and provide accommodations for those enrolled in the program. The design of this building is a vessel for emerging technology set within an industrial context of the Great Northern Way campus. Figure 10 diagrams the strategy of the building concept as a technology ribbon around the program uses. Inspired by two themes or dialogues – technology and regionalism. This building seeks to express the program through a weaving and folding gesture in the architecture. The program is stacked with academic/retail at the ground floor and three levels of student housing above. A singular ribbon, folding and bending, collects these uses to engage the street as the catalyst marker on the site. The wrapping gesture is directional to reflect the orientation of the student housing and to minimize solar heat gain on the east and west elevations. The folds cascade down the facade opening itself and presenting the lobby entry at the west corner of the building. The exterior wrap symbolizes industry and is expressed in the metal; the interior wrap symbolizes Regionalism and is expressed in the use of wood.

Here are some images of what the centre will look like once complete (anticipated date of completion is September 2012):

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