Celebration of Light: The Aftermath

Dec 19 2017, 12:30 pm

Image: Planetbotanic.ca

Last night was Day One of the Celebration of Light Festival. Leading up to the event is all fun and games. However, then there is the aftermath. Never mind the drunken rowdies trying to start a fight (you can thank the boring suburbs for that, as residents get over stimulated once in Vancouver). The real ugly side of the fireworks is the trash left behind by the spectators. For shame.

Even though there are garbage cans everywhere, people still don’t have the common sense to put their litter in the bins! Seriously people it’s not that hard and it’s quite disgusting to see the garbage strewn about. I know it’s difficult to move once your at English Bay and have secured  your spot. Just hang on to it, or take a bag with you to hold the trash until the fireworks show is finished and then throw it in the bin.

I applaud the city for doing a great job cleaning up. However, it’s time to clean up our act. Please throw your trash in the garbage bin.
DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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