Celebrating Mother's Day at Faubourg Paris

Dec 19 2017, 6:27 pm

A few nights ago while getting ready for bed, an old clip of Family Guy was recommended to me on Youtube. For those religiously or even casually versed in the animated series, the baby Stewie was shown vigorously attempting to get the attention of an exhausted Lois. After ignoring the first dozen or so variations of mom, Lois finally rears up from the bed and yells WHAT? With a cheeky smile, Stewie simply says “hi” and runs away giggling.

On May 11, children all over the world will give thanks and celebrate the real-life superheroes we call ‘mum.’ For those looking for the perfect gift, Faubourg Paris has put together a beautiful offering for this special day. Served daily from noon to 5 p.m., Faubourg’s Pink Afternoon tea experience is bound to delight any maternal recipient. We swung by the Kerrisdale location last week to preview this beautifully appointed package just in time for Mother’s Day.

Thoughts: From start to finish, the Pink Afternoon tea experience exudes class. When ready, the staff take the time to carefully explain the customization options of the package and take down your requests. Nothing about this experience felt hurried or cheap. From the sparkling glasses to the polished silverware, Faubourg manages to pull off a refined sophistication without seeming snobby or uncomfortable.

What makes this package so perfect for Mother’s Day is the meticulously constructed pace. To start off, you select the perfect tea from a fragrant sampling array and are allowed a few minutes to enjoy the luxuriously appointed interior. After the two-tiered serving tray arrives, you are left alone to leisurely make your way through both savory and sweet indulgences. To complete the sitting, you request the berry soufflé which takes about 10 minutes to prepare.

To those looking to gift something truly sincere and enjoyable this year, I cannot recommend this package enough. In place of a stock card or generic bouquet of flowers, let’s give thanks to our mothers in a manner they so rightfully deserve.

Faubourg Paris

Address: 2155 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver

Website: www.faubourg.com

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