28 photos of CE SOIR NOIR at Vancouver's Crab Park

Dec 20 2017, 1:02 am

While Diner en Blanc was causing a white out at Canada Place, a darker event was happening just further down the shore. CE SOIR NOIR was the first casual picnic organized to provide an alternative to the swanky all-white annual event.


The event’s Facebook page explains: “This is an evening of a resounding positive community eating dinner together. An ad-hoc, barely-even-organized, family-friendly event.”

For CE SOIR NOIR, guests were asked to dress in all-black, bring their own food (and friends), blankets, battery-powered lights, and a non-perishable food item to donate to the Vancouver Food Bank. The event took place at Vancouver’s Crab Park, coincidentally with the Canada Place Diner en Blanc in view.

Those who attended the event say it was a resounding success. “It was fun and well attended” said Nick Routley on Twitter, adding it had an “awesome vibe”. People also poked fun at the different types of crowds who may have attended either CE SOIR NOIR or Diner en Blanc.

“I worry the #dinerenblanc & #cesoirnoir folks are going to end the night in a rumble behind a craft distillery in a gentrified part of town,” tweeted Alexandra McIntyre.

“Where are the BC voters tonight? Conservatives at #DEBVan. NDP at #CeSoirNoir. Greens & Liberals sharing take out in a phone booth. #elxn42,” Dan Jackson also tweeted.

Were you at CE SOIR NOIR? Tell us how it was in the comments below.


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These broads. #cesoirnoir #deucesdeb

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Who’s this #señoirnoir everyone is talking about? j/k, it’s #cesoirnoir

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@socialbites breaks out the communal chocolates to round out our #cesoirnoir feast. A photo posted by Crystal Henrickson (@crystalhenrickson) on

#debvan from #cesoirnoir. (And a random helicopter.) Vancouver is turning into Spy vs Spy.

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#CeSoirNoir in Vancouver tonight. We need this in #Calgary. #FightTheWhite #lotsofbikes

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Giant bubble watching in the park #cesoirnoir #crabpark #vancouver #allblackeverything

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“Are you going to the black thing?” #cesoirnoir

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First picnic squad settled. People just starting to roll in. #cesoirnoir15 #cesoirnoir A photo posted by Graeme Berglund (@instagraemeberglund) on

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