CBC is Already "Seeking Stanley"

Dec 19 2017, 1:27 pm

The CBC is kicking off their playoff run 6 weeks ahead of schedule. The first episode of their “Seeking Stanley” post-game show  is set to air on March 3rd, when the Buffalo Sabres are in town to face the Canucks. With Hodgson back in Vancouver the last time for close to a year, the game is a welcomed opportunity for extra behind-the-scenes footage.

The show will be on every Saturday night until the playoffs start, then will continue throughout the post season. “Seeking Stanley” airs right after CBC’s “After Hours” program from 10:30-11:00pm. It’s a difficult time slot, especially on a Saturday night, but luckily for the CBC there is no such thing as too much hockey coverage in Vancouver.

Shane Foxman and Karin Larsen are hosting with the occasional (*Gasp*) Cliff Ronning guest appearance. Celebrity sightings aside, the real draw of the show is that the CBC has access to footage no one else does – one of the perks of your station hosting the game. “Seeking Stanley” will also be focusing primarily on the Vancouver Canucks, appealing to those who don’t want to hear why the Blue Jackets got turned into mush for the millionth time. This means there will be lots of emotional dressing room footage, minimal analysis, and hopefully the occasional Kesler-bomb.

Aside from Buffalo this coming weekend, the other “Seeking Stanley” regular season bouts are against Montreal, Columbus, Colorado, Calgary and Edmonton – primarily the dregs of the NHL.  But regardless of who the Canucks are playing, “Seeking Stanley” still acts as one more venue for exclusive footage and a means to relive the excitement of  a Canucks game.

CBC’s early launch provides a glimpse at the playoff intensity that will be here in just a few short weeks. The post-game show feeds off the rabid energy of Canucks fans in this hockey-centric city and the desire not to just watch playoff games, but be a part of them.


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