20 kitties that need a home for the holidays

Dec 11 2017, 1:54 am

Real talk here: No one should purchase a cat or kitten for a surprise Christmas present.  

Pets aren’t toys. They’re a huge responsibility, expensive and getting an animal is not something you should take lightly, or a decision made on a whim. There’s also the fact that most pets sold in retail stores come from puppy and kitten mills and backyard breeders that care little about animal welfare. And there’s nothing merry or jolly about that.

But if you’ve been seriously thinking about bringing an animal into your life, the holidays can be a good time to adopt a four-legged friend from your local shelter.  There are plenty of gentle souls in there that deserve a second chance.  Here’s a look at some of the great adoptable felines across Metro Vancouver.

And if your loved one really wants a pet for Christmas but the holidays are just too hectic (and here are some reasons why), you can download adoption gift certificates from Paws For Hope. It entitles the bearer to the pet of their choice AFTER the holiday madness is over.

Frank the kitten


This grey and white kitten is still very much a youngster, at just one year old. He gets nervous around loud people, so it’s best if he goes to an adult-only home. He is a little acrobat! Meet him at the Delta Community Animal Shelter


Gouda (VOKRA).

This one-year-old big cheese – get it? – is pretty mellow. Once he warms up to you, he will seek out pets, love and attention. He’s a small kitty with a big heart. Through VOKRA.


Pozzy (Vancouver BC SPCA)

Pozzy found himself at the Vancouver BC SPCA branch because of a reason all too familiar to renters in this city: Her owner wasn’t able to find pet-friendly accommodation. She is affectionate but has a little bit of “torti-tude” and will let you know if she doesn’t like something. Meet Pozzy at the Vancouver BC SPCA branch. 


Tuna man.

Formerly a tom-cat on the streets, this black and white cutie is looking to settle down in a home where he is the centre of attention. He loves keeping people company, and sitting on people’s laps. Meet Tuna at the Delta Community Animal Shelter



This seven-year-old black beauty can be a bit shy with new people but is happy to get chin rubs once she gets to know you. Up for adoption at the Delta Community Animal Shelter. She would also be happy with a home where she could go outside during the day.



This senior calico is feisty, likes attention and is ready for a home of her own!  She tolerates other cats but really doesn’t mind dogs at all. Patches is at SAINTS Rescue


Hamlet (VOKRA).

Four year old Hamlet is inquisitive and friendly and sometimes likes being chased like a dog. He will find creative ways to get your attention when he’s hungry. Being fostered through VOKRA.


Amber (SAINTS).

Likely about 12 years old, Amber is looking for a retirement home to keep her comfortable in her golden years. In repayment, the tortoiseshell sweetie will happily keep your lap warm. She’s a boss with her litter box, and gets along well with everyone. Amber is at SAINTS Rescue.

Kanga and Roo 

Kanga and Roo.

Kanga: This sweet and independent kitty was found with her kittens on their own in a yard. She likes to explore and find a spot where she feels comfortable. She is four years young and being cared for through VOKRA. 

Roo is Kanga’s one-year-old daughter, and is super curious and playful. She loves chasing a laser pointer. VOKRA says “toys are her number one passion in life.” Kanga and Roo are bonded and are looking for a quiet home together.


Kiera (BC SPCA).

This grey kitten and her litter mates came to the Vancouver BC SPCA as part of a semi-feral colony. Just four-months-old, she is still fearful of humans and her adopter needs to help her overcome her fear. Her ideal home is a quiet one that is cat savvy, and there are no kids. She would do well in a home with another friendly and confident kitty.

Sulley the Tabby


At the ripe old age of 14, Sulley is still up for adventure! He is a very chatty cat and really loves the company of children. He would be more comfortable as the only cat in the home. Sulley is at the Delta animal shelter



This outgoing three year old kitty is very social. This smoke-coloured sweetie loves finding new things to explore. Meet him at the Delta Community Animal Shelter.


Chevron (VOKRA).

This one-year-old cutie is playful, energetic and loves playing with his ping pong ball. Chevron loves to snuggle by your feet in bed, and will take treats from your hand. Chevron is being cared for through VOKRA.



This eight-year-old sweetheart lives up to her name! Although she can be a bit shy at first, she will soon be rolling around asking for belly rubs. Up for adoption at the Delta Community Animal Shelter.



This independent lady loves playing with toys and sitting in her castle, aka, her cat tree. She needs an understanding home where she can come around on her own terms. Up for adoption at the Delta Community Animal Shelter.



This four-year-old black and white gentleman is a total goofball that will keep you and your family very entertained. The shelter staff say he is a “large and in charge kind of guy.” Up for adoption at the Delta Community Animal Shelter



This Tabby boy likes toys where he can rip the stuffing out. He’s still learning the world isn’t a scary place and staff believe he’ll come out of his shell with a patient adopter and a quiet home. Up for adoption at the Delta Community Animal Shelter


Mike (VOKRA).

Hailed as Mr. Charming by his foster family, senior Mike loves finding dark places to nap in and cuddles with his hoomans. He loves belly rubs, chin scratches, playing with wand toys. He lives with his mom Trixie, and VOKRA hopes they will be adopted together.


Trixie (VOKRA).

In typical Vancouver fashion, Trixie’s adult son still lives with her. This senior sweetheart loves to be rubbed on her ears, and loves a good place to hide when she’s feeling like some alone time. This “avid foodie” will watch you while you cook. VOKRA hopes she will be adopted with Mike.

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