Catfé is officially coming to Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 10:54 am

The Catfé crowd-funding campaign through Indiegogo has come to a successful end, raising $32,125 for Vancouver’s first café with felion companions.

The raised amount is sufficient to cover start-up costs, allowing founder Michelle Furbacher to begin the hunt for a location.

She announced that although she did not reach her original goal of $50,000, the money raised would be enough to pay start-up costs of the business and pay for the first month’s operation budget.

Catfé will provide Vancouverites with the opportunity to interact with cats, while building a greater sense of community. Furbacher said that the cafe will “provide cats with a safe space where they can wander about at will, socialize with people and live normal lives, rather than being cooped up in a cage.”

Patrons will be able to enjoy the company of cats while enjoying a snack and drink. There were also some hurdles to overcome with regards to food safety, but these issues have been addressed.

The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority has confirmed that the idea will be permitted, as long as the café and food preparation areas are physically separated from the cat sections. Everyone must also wash their hands before coming in contact with the cats.

The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) will provide the cats for Catfé as part of an initiative to find the animals a permanent loving home. Additionally, all cats will be tested for any illnesses before being accepted as a temporary resident of Catfé.

Featured Image: Katrina Pedersen

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