Catching up with EDX: West Coast tours and a Remix contest

Dec 19 2017, 11:28 am

After each full day of music and sunshine at Kelowna’s Center of Gravity, there were official after-parties at the CoG House. This year’s COG House lineup was worth staying up for, and included chart topping Switzerland-based DJ/Producer EDX (a.k.a Maurizio Colella).

Ranked one of Beatport’s Top 3 Beat Progressive House Artists, alongside Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz, EDX is no stranger to the electronic music scene. His energetic shows are loved by his global fanbase, one with a big presence right here in B.C. We caught up EDX before his CoG House set in Kelowna, and his second trip to our province in eight days.

“I like Canada, Canada is fun. They don’t give me a hard time now entering the country,” he laughed. “The first time I came to Canada was to Vancouver, many years ago. Vancouver is a beautiful city.” A week before his set at CoG House, EDX played at Celebrities– a venue he is a big fan of. “I loved the vibe, they know how to party out there.” Major touring DJ’s like EDX often play a variety of venues, including festivals and smaller clubs. And although both can be quite different, EDX said he enjoys playing both festivals and clubs. “In festival, there’s always high energy -something a DJ is always looking for, but I played a club show last weekend in Vancouver and it was pretty amazing as well.”

EDX is a multilingual (seven languages to be exact) funny guy who says he considers himself “an Italian dude”. And this Italian dude is a fan of some of Canada’s top EDM DJ’s including Sultan + Ned Shepard, and Paris & Simo. EDX is in tune with new music in his genre, and has recently launched a “Cool You Off” remix contest. The four week contest, which launched the day EDX played at Celebrities, will allow the winner to have their remix released on Enormous Tunes. “I’m sure that there’s always a chance that the remix can be much better, or take the record to another level, or to another direction, but I’ve never done that kind of remix competition. With ‘Cool You Off’, there was a lot of demand.” Vancouverites interested can still take part in the remix competition, which ends on August 18th.

As for the future of EDX, he says there is a lot of new music coming out, including the “Cool You Off” remix package, and a newly released brand new mix he produced for Cash Cash.
And, although nothing is scheduled yet, EDX will be back in Vancouver soon. “It was fun [at Celebrities]. It was a great vibe, and everyone was off the hook,” he laughed.

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