Adopt Me: Awesome the cat lives up to his name

Feb 26 2017, 12:45 am

Being in the care of the BC SPCA for more than 160 days, everything is not Awesome at the moment for Awesome the cat. He needs a permanent home. 

This black and white kitty was shy and highly fearful when he was brought to the BC SPCA in April 2016. He came in through one of its officers when they were investigating a cruelty complaint, and the owners chose to surrender their kitten to the shelter.

But since moving into a foster home, the little man has shed his nervousness and thrived. He’s found his “joie de vie.”

Each new day makes Awesome a little happier. He plays endlessly with his foster parents and cat sister, and says good morning by brushing up against people’s legs.

The one-year-old is very vocal and loves “chit chatting,” according to his foster mama.

Here’s what she had to say:

He LOVES, I mean LOVES to play hide and seek. He will come and tap your knees with his front paws to let you know he wants to play. Then he will hide waiting for you to throw toys at him. If you don’t respond fast enough, he will come out of his hiding very quickly, touch your feet or legs and go back hiding. It is like he is saying: you’re it!”

Awesome is also a snuggle bug — he loves curling up with his hoomans on the couch for a sit and purr after supper.

He’s still startled by new faces and loud noises, so shelter staff would like to see Awesome go to a quieter home without kids where he can be the shining star he deserves to be.

Contact the Vancouver BC SPCA to arrange a meet and greet with Awesome, or any other of their other 28 great adoptable felines.

Where: 1205 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1

Contact: Email [email protected] or call 604-879-7721

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