Carnival Legend cruise ship lists on its way to Victoria (VIDEO)

Sep 8 2016, 9:05 pm

Panicking passengers aboard a cruise ship heading to Victoria were unexpectedly treated to a scene from Titanic recently – and Leo and Kate were nowhere in sight.

The Carnival Legend cruise ship started to list heavily to the port side on August 29 at about 6 pm, after trouble with the ship’s starboard steering gear.

YouTube user Enrique Gutierrez, who posted online about the incident, said it seemed like the ship was close to capsizing as it listed so much.

“This caused hundreds of dishes to fall over and break and caused both [swimming] pools to drain out and items to be thrown off the deck,” wrote Gutierrez.

It may look bad from the video above, but Jennifer de la Cruz, with Carnival Cruise Line, said the ship only listed eight degrees.

“The ship was not at any time in danger nor were the guests or crew,” de la Cruz told Daily Hive. “Given the list, some water from the pools spilled out although certainly not the majority of it.”

De la Cruz said the issue was quickly fixed and the ship made its way to Victoria as planned, albeit behind schedule, before arriving in Seattle the following day on time.

“The ship departed on another Alaska voyage later that day… and has been operating since that time without any issues. All systems are operating normally.”