Carey Price's former junior hockey backup sends "advice" for Luongo

Dec 19 2017, 9:39 am

If you haven’t seen it yet, Nick Olnyk – Carey Price’s self-proclaimed “former backup” wrote a column providing some unsolicited advice to Roberto Luongo.

While the advice is not entirely clear, the general gist of the column is – he believes Price will take over the starter’s spot for Team Canada at the 2014 Olympic Games.

What did Olnyk base this on? Let’s take a look at some of his arguments:

1. Price has won a world junior championship gold medal – better than Luongo’s silver

That year, 2005, Carey burst from prospect status to Canada’s top junior goalie, winning a world junior championship gold medal for Canada — unlike your WJC silver, Roberto.

2. Price cradled a top-corner shot on a 3-on-O and was not “tied in a knot”

Until that night, I never saw a goalie stand up and cradle a top-corner shot on a 3-on-O. Most guys would have been tied in a knot after that play. Not Carey.

3. Olaf Kolzig said Price was “something special” when he was 17

But let me tell you, Roberto, it’s kind of disheartening when a guy like Kolzig says, “That kid is something special. He’s 17 and he could already play in the NHL.”

Kolzig does have more Vezinas than you, just saying.

4. Price is nice to fans

Never in my career did I see a player who openly hugged fans he met, instead of shaking hands… I suggest you don’t wait around for Carey to finish signing autographs, Roberto. He’ll pose for pictures with every person.

As for the Olnyk’s advice, I think I found it in this line:

Roberto, you’ll want to cover your curly locks with a toque in Sochi. It gets cold on the bench.

Olnyk’s article is basically a warning to Luongo that Price will steal his job, just as he stole Olnyk’s.

It’s a laughable premise – Olnyk, a goaltender who never made it out of junior hockey is comparing himself to Luongo – one of the best goalies in the NHL.

Nick, I have some “advice” for you now:

I’m not sure the arguments you’ve listed above are even worth engaging. Do I need to list all of Luongo’s accomplishments – Olympic gold medals, World Cup championship, Stanley Cup Final appearance, multiple Vezina and Hart trophy nominations – to fight back against that WJC Gold you mentioned?

And, not that being nice to fans affects one’s on-ice play in the least (I am also willing to sign every autograph ever requested of me) – but if you ask anyone who’s ever met Luongo if he’s a genuinely nice guy, you’ll hear some incredible stories.

Really Nick, the Olympic hockey tournament is not about Price vs. Luongo, it’s about Canada vs. the World. Sure, Vancouverites would rather see Luongo in net, and Montrealers would rather see Price (or is it the other way around…), but at the end of the day, we’ll all be cheering for whichever goalie is chosen because all we care about is winning Gold.

The only person who cares which goalie is in net is you. It’s probably about time you got over him stealing your job nine years ago.

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