Why so many millennials are choosing careers in massage therapy

Sep 1 2020, 9:30 am

More than ever, millennials are defying the 9-to-5 framework and gravitating towards careers that provide more flexibility, autonomy, and variety.

Many are achieving this sought-after trifecta by pursuing a career in massage therapy. Training programs, like those at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT), are equipping aspiring Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue the career path they want, post-graduation.

The prospect of having more flexibility is one element that’s likely enticing people to pursue a career in this realm. Since RMTs have the ability to build their own schedules and hours, the flexibility of their role remains pretty unparalleled.

Emiliano Vittoriosi/Unsplash

Contrary to your typical office job, a massage therapist’s schedule is usually quite fluid and appointment-based. Since they can often choose their hours of availability, it can be easier to achieve a work-life balance and maintain commitments outside of work.

Not to mention, there’s the ability to travel and work wherever clients are. Massage therapy is recognized and in demand around the globe, so there are frequently opportunities to explore this line of work in different settings such as resorts, cruise ships, and private clinics.

The level of autonomy that comes along with being a massage therapist, too, is a coveted aspect of the job. In 2019, 70% of massage therapists were self-employed in BC and managed their own practice, which means there’s an enticing entrepreneurial element that involves being your own boss.

This can entail being a business owner and building your own brand, clientele, work environment, and hours. Even for those who opt to be employed, there’s no shortage of options, including wellness centres, spas, and medical clinics.


Many have gravitated towards this industry due to a genuine and profound desire to help people in need and give back to their communities. Being a massage therapist often involves helping clients alleviate chronic aches, pains, and injuries — contributing positively to their overall health and wellness.

As more people than ever remain confined to their desks all day without proper ergonomic office furniture, massage therapists are in high demand and essential for helping people manage everyday pain and discomfort. As such, those who are caring and empathetic often find their natural abilities are put to good use in this line of work.

It helps that healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries, with Canadians increasingly turning to massage therapy as a form of medicine, and as doctors continue to refer patients to RMTs for treatment.

Those who are fascinated with anatomy and the body’s many wondrous functions are also often compelled to become massage therapists. Especially people with backgrounds in nursing, kinesiology, and biology, who are passionate about how the human body works.


With so many different variations of massage therapy to explore, there are many choices to specialize in, but the common thread amongst all RMTs is a desire to help others feel better.  

Since being an RMT involves being on your feet and using your hands, many revel in the active and tactile nature of the profession.

While some might consider the active essence of the role a deterrent, many are drawn to it for just this reason. There’s no denying it’s a physically demanding career that will keep you healthy and active.

For those whose curiosities have been piqued, West Coast College of Massage Therapy offers monthly information sessions where you can learn more about this unique profession, the program, and explore further whether it may be a good career fit for you. 

The next session at the New Westminster Campus is on Tuesday, September 16 at 6 pm. You can register by emailing [email protected], and be sure to include ‘Daily Hive’ in the subject line. 

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