Is your career trolling you?

Dec 19 2017, 3:01 pm

What’s worse than being trolled on the Internet? Being trolled, every day, by your job. If you are in this camp or have friends or family in this camp – you’ll want to pay attention.

The good news

The Government of B.C. has a plan in place to help you find your troll-free skills training fit. That plan is B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint and today marks its one year anniversary. One year of progress means more British Columbians are getting access to the education and training they need.

The good-er news

British Columbia expects one million job openings by 2022 and 78 per cent will require post-secondary education – from carpenter to chiropractor there’s opportunity in every region of the province.

The good-est news

B.C.’s skills for Jobs Blueprint has delivered a number of online tools that can help you explore career opportunities and get the educating and training you need.

4 online tools delivered by B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint

1. Blueprint Builder – more than 14,000 British Columbians have registered an account. This tools brings together more than 40 government tools and resources. Track progress on your career exploration, education and training and job searches.

2. WorkBC’s Job Search toolsearch thousands of open jobs in B.C. by job title, employer name, keywords or your city.

3. Apprentice Job Match toolmatchmaking tool for apprentices and B.C. trades employers.

4. Trades Training Seat Finder find open trades training seats in B.C. by searching tracking open seats at post-secondary institutions or trades program.

To learn more about B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint and how it can help you just click (or touch):


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