Two-block long slip-and-slide coming to Car Free Day Vancouver 2015

Dec 19 2017, 1:53 pm

Half a year since anticipation first began and quickly fizzled, a giant slip-and-slide down one of Vancouver’s busiest city streets is closer to becoming a reality.

A community-based group is hoping to add a giant water slide as one of the activities for this year’s 18-block long Car Free Day festival on Main Street.

The two-block long slide – about 160-metres in length – will be located in the Mount Pleasant area of Main Street, with the start point located at the top of the hill on 16th Avenue and the end point at 14th Avenue.

An estimated 150,000 people are expected to attend this year’s Car Free Day event on Main Street, which involves the closure of the arterial street for community parties with food, music and performances.

“We are a community initiative conceived over a beer night from a few Main Street residents who are passionate about reclaiming the street for community awesomeness,” writes organizers on their website.

However, organizers say they are in need of public support and funding to make the slide happen: they strive to follow the same Car Free Day funding model, which is a grassroots organized event with no reliance on corporate and government funding. They are also in need of volunteers with expertise in legal, grant writing, public relations, marketing and operations.

Organizers add that they were inspired by a recent 95-metre long urban water slide installation in Bristol, U.K. where 65,000 spectators watched a few hundred lucky ticket holders slide down the street.

This event is not related to the touring ‘Slide The City’ event organized by a group of Salt Lake residents, which uses a 300-metre long urban slip-and-slide. Organizers of the American event have stated their intentions to bring their version of the urban water slide to Vancouver, but they have yet to confirm a date and location.

For more information and to support the ‘Slide The Main’ event, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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Feature Image: Woven Films