Capcom Vancouver Layoffs

Mere hours after Mayor Gregor Robertson vowed to fight for Vancouver’s digital media industryDead Rising 2 developer Capcom Vancouver announced via twitter that they were going to lay-off 7% of its workforce. This is just another blow as the Vancouver video game industry starts to bleed out. It should be noted that Capcom Vancouver is still actively hiring. No one knows for sure what is going on behind closed doors but it’s safe to say Capcom Vancouver won’t be shutting down anytime soon. 

As the gaming industry continues to mature and change from hardcore gamers to more casual gamers, this sort of news will continue to make headlines.

In recent weeks Vancouver has lost two gaming studios. Radical Entertainment shut its doors for good and Rockstar Vancouver lost the tax credit war with Ontario and is relocating staff to its Toronto studios. Do not be surprised if further grim news is announced in the coming months.

Image: Capcom