Canucks Week Ahead: October 18, 2010

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Following the Canucks 5-1 win against the Hurricanes, I read this on twitter: “Mason Raymond went nuts with to goals playing with the twins #Canucks” I’d give the tweeter credit, but I’m not sure he/she wants to take ownership. First, Raymond scored only one goal with the twins. Second, dude needs to work on his spelling.

Anyways, it looks like the Canucks have finally figured out how to put the puck in the net. Raymond, Mikael Samuelsson, and Ryan Kesler all killed the monkeys on their backs by scoring their first goals of the season (Raymond had 2).

Good stuff, we say – looks like the new forward lines are working!

Hold on, though – 2 goals were scored on the powerplay (Kesler and Raymond), one was from a defenseman (Alberts), and one was in the middle of a line-change (Samuelsson). In reality, only 1 goal was from a new line combination.

Still, the Canucks managed to score 5, so they might as well stick with the new trios.

Another positive – the defensemen have clearly been brainwashed into thinking they’re forwards. That or they’ve been given the green light to jump up into the play. Either way, they were generating tons of chances on Sunday, and defenseman-turned-sniper, Andrew Alberts, scored a goal.

Speaking of snipers – Kesler had his laser sight out on this perfect top corner third period goal. (Don’t listen to John Garrett when he says Kes didn’t aim)

Minnesota – Tuesday October 19, 2010: 6:00pm
Following their Saturday night loss to Columbus, head coach, Todd Richards, subjected his team to the worst bag skate in the history of the world. Maybe that’s an overstatement, but John Madden did tell Minnesota reporter Michael Russo that he’d never been through a skate like that in all his years.

I just looked up a picture of John Madden on Google Images, and it looks like the practice added about 40 years to his life.

At least he’s still got a full head of hair

You know what, I just realized I have no idea why it’s called a bag skate, but thinking about it, maybe it’s because you need a bag to puke in afterwards. Maybe… Actually, I’m sure that’s not it and someone’s going to write an angry comment to correct me.

Watch out for:
Brent Burns broke his foot on Saturday night but is likely to play on Tuesday. Meaning he missed the practice from hell, and will probably be the only fresh Wild player on the ice.

Nice to see his teammates helping him out of this bind

Chicago – Wednesday October 20, 2010: 7:30pm
Last week I spoke of revenge when I scouted the second game between the Kings and the Canucks. I now realize that there may be many revenge matches over the course of the year, so I introduce HTTN’s Grudge Meter. It scores on a scale of 1-10, and each number has a real life comparison, to help you understand what the Canucks are feeling.

Vancouver’s grudge against L.A. last Friday: 3/10
eg: Your co-worker messes up the project your team is working on, and doesn’t take the blame, so your entire team looks like crap. You are pretty damn pissed-off at the co-worker.
Vancouver’s grudge against Chicago on Wednesday: 10/10
eg: Your co-worker slept with your wife, or vice versa. Twice. The second time coming after a years worth of therapy helped you come to terms with the first time.

I could tell you all about the ‘Hawks, but hell, the Canucks have lost to them in the playoffs 2 years in a row – you’ve had 12 post-season games to learn all their names. Sure, some have changed – no more Dustin Buffoon – but the essence is the same.

Watch out for:
Patrick Kane always has fun in Vancouver, whether it’s scoring goals, or just scoring – you know’m sayin’?

Note: the Canucks are playing the Wild again on Friday, but the Grudge Meter is going to need the result of Tuesday’s game to produce an accurate reading. (We’ll preview the game on Thursday)

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