Canucks vs. Flames: Playoffs determine unborn baby's fan allegiance

Dec 19 2017, 11:14 pm

This super cute story came our way and we just had to share it.

Kelly and Andrew Poole are die-hard hockey fans, but, like many couples today, are split in teams they support. She’s a lifelong Calgary Flames fan and he’s a born and raised Vancouver Canucks fan.

The couple is expecting their first child any day now, and couldn’t decide which team their baby would support, so they came up with a way to decide.

Here’s their story, as told by Kelly:

On Friday, April 17, my husband and I attended Game 2 of the Flames and Canucks series.

I am a lifelong Calgary Flames Fan, and he, a born & raised die-hard Vancouver boy cheering for the Home Team. We call Vancouver home!

kelly 1

Image: Kelly Poole

We are expecting our first child any day now, and made a deal before the series started that the winner of Round 1 would determine who our baby cheers for – or more importantly, the gear I would dress it in.

We had picked up our tickets at will call, and processed to the elevators at Gate 16. On our ride up a friendly gentleman chatted to us and wondered how our soon-to-be would choose who to cheer for, clearly noticing our opposing jerseys! We mentioned it was something that would cause us a lot of grief!

Moments before stepping out of the elevator, the man handed me his business card and said “let me know when you have your baby, I would like to send it something”. As the elevator door closed after his exit, I looked down at the card and it was Mr. Ken King, President and CEO of the Calgary Flames!

I was so overwhelmed by the random act of kindness, and was proud of the true Calgarian western hospitality, I followed up the next day after a Flames loss, and expressed my gratitude with his kind gesture, and mentioned I would let him know once the baby arrived! An almost immediate reply said “Great to hear from you. Baby pack being prepared. KK”. The next thing I know I was asked for my mailing address, and less than a week after our chance encounter, this arrived on my doorstep:

kelly 3

Image: Kelly Poole

Now, you can imagine my sheer joy with this amazing baby pack! I shared it on Instagram gloating that it was official…our baby was going to be a Flames Fan!

So after the Canucks Round 1 loss, and a few hours of tension in our home, my husband couldn’t handle how pleased I was with my team. Quietly he ended up writing into Canucks Fan Services, and explaining the situation that he was in (obnoxious, very pregnant, Flames-cheering wife). The next thing I know, this arrives at our door with a hand written card:

kelly 5

Image: Kelly Poole

kelly 4

Image: Kelly Poole

So after all the years I have spent cheering against the Canucks, I just want to say that they have a big heart too. And like good parents, we’ll let our baby choose who to cheer for!

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