Canucks this week: this team is anything BUT mediocre

Dec 19 2017, 4:34 pm

Mediocre. It’s a great word to describe the Canucks 3-3 record and their inconsistent play so far, and it’s how 24 hours is predicting the season will go. But it’s wrong – this season will be anything but mediocre for Vancouver.

With all of John Tortorella’s, Roberto Luongo’s, and Joe Thornton’s antics so far, it almost seems like we’ve seen half a season’s worth of drama. Riveting would be a more fitting description.

Torts actually said this

You might’ve seen some or all of these quotes, but they’re just too amazing to be forgotten.

Following the Luongo vs. Schneider showdown (which the Canucks won).

“I don’t judge the goaltenders. I don’t even know what they do.”

On David Booth:

“He’s a weird dude.”

On assistant coach Mike Sullivan (AKA Sulli):

“He was a smart player. He wasn’t any good, but he was a smart player.”

Upon seeing chairs empty at his press conference:

Luongo actually did this

Saying Luongo “did this” might be a little like saying Luongo caused the entire goaltending controversy and soap opera that is still going on here in Vancouver, but you get the point.

He’s had bad Octobers before, but this? Once again, #1 is the center of attention.

[youtube id=”ProfA-NJcJ8″]

Tuesday October 15 – Vancouver at Philadelphia (Note: 4 p.m. start)

After watching “Lars Eller’s shorthanded goal” for the 20th time (the Hamhuis-Luongo gaffe above), I’d like to suggest Vancouver’s players are not quite on the same page yet. They’re not playing for each other, helping each other, or defending each other on or off the ice (Luongo threw Dan Hamhuis firmly under the bus for the goal).

So an 11-day, seven-game road trip might be exactly what they need. Team dinners, rookie-initiations – hey maybe by the end of this the Canucks might actually look like they’re friends.

Welcome to Philadelphia, where the Flyers, who missed the playoffs last year, have played two games after firing their coach three games into the season; where the team is 1-5 and hasn’t scored more than 2 goals in a game; where the team’s one win came over the Florida Panthers.

Bonus: it looks like Jordan Schroeder is back from injury tonight.

Thursday October 17 – Vancouver at Buffalo (Note: 4 p.m. start)

Hoping the Canucks can play to even half their potential on Tuesday to beat the Flyers, they’ll then take a trip to Buffalo to play the (now) 0-5 Sabres.

The Sabres are the last placed league in the standings and they’ve scored the least goals (6) as well.

If these two games don’t get Luongo’s confidence up, we’re all in big trouble.

I’m going to wait and see how these two games go before previewing Saturday’s game against the Penguins.

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