Canucks SixPack - Vancouver hates Nickelback and 3-on-3

Dec 19 2017, 6:14 pm

With Benn and Seguin on line one, Spezza, Nichushkin and Sharp on line two, and Hemsky playing in their bottom six – we knew the Stars could score.

But Canucks fans hoped they’d have a chance. Consider:

1. Vancouver had a 3-0-0 away record before Thursday’s game.

2. Vancouver held a 2-1 lead going into the third, and a 3-1 lead 10 seconds into the period.

3. Vancouver just stopped the Canadiens from going 10-0 and beat them 5-1!

OK, number three had nothing to do with Thursday’s game, but it proved something, didn’t it?

If you saw how the Canucks started the game, you’d say no, no it didn’t. Vancouver was outshot 10-0 when the game began. Really, they were lucky to still be in the game. But they did wake up, and they did grab that lead…

and then Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin took over.

Neither assisted or scored the tying goal, but their presence on the ice was all over Patrick Sharp’s goal. In overtime, they completed the job. Watching him Benn skate through the Canucks reminded me of how Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews terrorized them in so many playoff rounds years ago. He was unstoppable when he had the puck.

The Stars won 4-3 in overtime, meaning the Canucks surrendered another third period lead.


1. Not loving 3-on-3

Chris Higgins gave his thoughts on 3-on-3 overtime earlier this week:

“It feels like summer hockey. It’s a little gimmicky to me.”

While it’s been entertaining, Canucks fans might feel the same way, having now lost four games in the extra period.

Don’t usually put opposition goals in the SixPack, but we’re fans of good hockey, and Benn’s a Victoria boy, so here it is.



2. Decision looming on Virtanen and McCann

Canucks fans don’t want Jake Virtanen or Jared McCann to go. While McCann had a quiet night to follow up his two goals against Montreal, Virtanen did not. He led both teams in hits once again – this time with four. Here was the biggest one.


Injured Canuck Brandon Prust was live-tweeting the game and he couldn’t keep quiet on this.

Back to the kids’… we’re almost there. Jared McCann has played 8 games, and Virtanen 7, so the 9 game limit is almost upon us.

Benning spoke to Elliotte Friedman about it (from 30 thoughts Tuesday):

“We’re going to sit down and discuss what we will do with Jared McCann and Jake Virtanen in the next few days.” (This was Saturday.)…

“At this level, it’s what you can do defensively. Can you gain the coach’s trust?” Benning said.

By Friedman’s timeline, they sat down and talked this week. No idea which way they’re going, but I’ll take you back to something Benning said October 8:

Sure looks like they can both handle the skill and size of the NHL right now, doesn’t it?


3. Stars have solid troll game

During a couple of back-to-back stoppages in the second period, the Stars played Nickelback songs.

A couple of Twitter people noticed. Still, it could just be a coincidence.

Then it kept happening. Over and over and over… something like 10 or 11 times straight.

Someone had to ask the question…

The Canucks’ Twitter account had a bang on response though.

They used that picture because Burrows scored on a penalty shot to turn the game around after the 10-0 shot start, btw.



4. Old people joke

Brendan Gaunce played his first NHL game tonight. Before you ask, yes, the team pulled the prank of making him take a solo lap for warmup.

Do you really think Gaunce was surprised by it? Every rookie gets the same treatment… and even if they did forget it was coming, they must remember when the guys tell him to lead them out onto the ice.

Anyways, they still do it, which is cool. The only funny thing about it in this game was how funny the Sedins and Miller thought they were for doing it.


The twins were in no laughing mood later in the game, though. This is a random place to throw this in, but there’s no way I’m not including a gif that shows them throwing punches.


Yes, the Canucks lost, but with a penalty shot in the first, #NickelbackGate in the second, this fight in the third, and overtime, it was about as entertaining as it could possibly be.


5. Will Bachman play?

Shortly after we found out Jacob Markstrom was injured in early October, Benning was on the radio with Scott Rintoul. Rintoul asked Benning how the team felt about using Richard Bachman.

His response: “We aren’t afraid to use him.”

If they don’t play him tomorrow, we can safely say they are afraid to use him.


6. Interesting note on Torts

Although I focus mainly on the Canucks game of the night, I wouldn’t be surprised if former-coach John Tortorella pops in here from time to time, now that he’s back.

He’s always newsworthy, Vancouver has a personal connection now, and he’s like a real life soap opera.

Loved this quote from former Tampa Bay GM Jay Feaster (who had Tortorella as his coach) from 30 thoughts:

“I would tell Ryan Johansen to understand none of it is personal. It’s not that (Tortorella) doesn’t like you, it’s that he has no politically correct bone in his body. No regulator, no unvarnished feeling. I would love it when a player would come into my office and say, ‘He hates me.’ I would always hold up my hand, stop them and say, ‘He hates all of us the same way. You are not special.’”

Remember that, Vancouver. You may think he hated you, but he hates all NHL cities the same way.

Note: Thanks very much to Ryan Biech for his help with the gifs tonight. If you’re interested in Canucks’ prospects, make sure you follow him: @ryanbiech

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