Canucks Re-Sign Alex Edler for 6 Years

While I had no doubt that the phenomenal negotiating team situated in Rogers Arena would have little problem signing Edler, they never cease to amaze me. Edler has just be re-signed to a 6 year, $30 million dollar contract – in Canucks terminology, that’s roughly just over the $4.5 million max we have set aside for the blue line. The Canucks’ top 4 D are now locked in until 2013. 

Alright, let’s get down to business – just how good is this signing?

Well, considering the Canucks see Edler as their #1 defenseman moving forward, i’d say not losing him to the free agent market is a best possible situation. Even better, they managed to sign him at an extremely affordable rate, especially considering the cap has gone up this season AND everyone else is making stacks on stacks on stacks (i’m looking at you Ryan Suter).

In response to the question, “just how bad would it have been if we let him go to free agency?”: My prediction is something along the lines of “if the Mayan Apocalypse wasn’t bullshit, multiplied by how ugly Kevin Bieksa is”. Edler is undoubtably the best young defenseman the Canucks have – the kid is 26, which is practically a baby in d-man years. Top 2 d-men come along once in a blue moon, and Edler’s loss would have been very difficult to recuperate if the Canucks plan on heading to the Stanley Cup Finals again any time soon.

One final note – enjoy the opening day of hockey! Don’t limit yourselves to just the Canucks – gorge on all the games and revel in the game returning.

It’s great to be back.