Canucks prospect Jacob Markstrom goalie fight (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 10:50 pm

What do hockey fans love more than anything else in the whole world? That’s right, goalie fights!

I think even the people that don’t like fighting in hockey still kind of like goalie fights. I mean look at them. They can hardly throw a punch with all of their padding, so they rarely do much damage. They’re like guys in sumo wrestling costumes.


Yesterday things got ugly when the Canucks farm team, the Utica Comets, played the Binghamton Senators. With the Comets up 2-1 in the 2nd period, Darren Kramer of the Senators attacked Canucks prospect Frank Corrado. Kramer, who has 284 penalty minutes this season, dropped the gloves and started wailing away on Corrado.

Enter 6’6″ Jacob Markstrom.

Markstrom attempts to defend Corrado, but is held back by an official. One thing led to another and the Senators goalie, Peter Mannino, got involved.

Truthfully, the fight wasn’t the best goalie fight I have ever seen, but they look ridiculous all the same. And let’s be clear: there are no bad goalie fights (assuming no injuries of course).

Be sure to keep watching until the end of the video where some very bizarre commercial comes on. It may be even better than the goalie fight.

Both goalies were ejected from the game and the Senators actually came back to win the game 6-5 in overtime.

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