Canucks Post-Game #SixPack - The Fat Lady is Warming Up

Dec 19 2017, 10:08 am

What do you need after a game like that? A SixPack of course…

1. Does Anyone Care Anymore?

Pretty remarkable that in a game where the Canucks looked outmatched and were outworked against a tired team, the crowd remained relatively positive. A large percentage of the city wants everyone traded and everyone fired, yet I was kind of surprised there wasn’t any booing going on at all tonight (I was sitting in the crowd tonight).

Remarkably, the crowd decided to start one of the most impressive waves I’ve ever seen for a regular season game. The wave was started during the play, with the Canucks down 3-1 in the third period (I refused to participate in that one).

2. Class Act Teemu

A group of about 30 people from Finland were at the game tonight, presumably to watch Teemu Selanne (he didn’t play), but they did get a nice consolation prize. Selanne met with his fans at Gate 16 in Rogers Arena before the game, with much fanfare. Selanne clearly knows that this is his farewell tour this year and that people are there to see him. That’s a class act.


3. Power Play Letdown (again)

The Canucks power play has been letting them down all season long and it did once again tonight. The power play was 0/3 tonight, but it was what they did (or didn’t do) with their 4-on-3 opportunity that really cost them. With the score 2-1 early in the 2nd period, they had 47 seconds of 4-on-3 and accomplished very little. They were too casual and very disorganized, something I think we have to hang a lot on coaching at this point of the season.

4. Edler-Bieksa Nightmare

Apparently John Tortorella is the only one in the city that doesn’t know that Kevin Bieksa and Alex Edler make for a disastrous defensive pairing.

Instead of playing Bieksa with Stanton (who he played his best hockey of the season with) or with Hamhuis who he had success with a couple of seasons ago, he continues to trot-out these two. Bieksa is playing hurt (they called up Frank Corrado just in case he couldn’t play tonight), yet Torts decided to give him the most ice time of the entire team (25 minutes). Bizarre.


5. How Bad is Healy?

I got to be honest, I never knew Steve Lancashire could understand Punjabi.

6. Fire Who? Fire Everyone?

I didn’t hear anyone try to start a ‘fire Torts’ chant tonight, but there was a guy who tried to start a ‘fire Gillis’ chant multiple times near where I was sitting. He didn’t get much support. I’m not sure who needs to be fired (probably one of them does), but one thing is for sure, some fans are sure to freak out and make some ridiculous over-exaggerating statements.

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