Canucks post-game sixpack - packed with Kassian, Miller, Raffi and Wheaton

Dec 19 2017, 1:25 pm

Whoever said Henrik Sedin couldn’t score goals and Ryan Miller isn’t playing well?

On Hank not scoring – just about every hockey fan.

On Miller’s troubles – Kelly Hrudey for one, and he has an interesting theory.

Both were proven wrong against Detroit – Hank scored two goals and Miller was solid – as the Canucks played a great game beating the Wings 4-1 and causing fans to rejoice in the stands.

Well at least those who weren’t cluelessly doing the wave in the midst of a close third period game, or those who weren’t running for the doors. But that’s Canucks fans for you. Hank has more to say about them too.

First, Mike on Hank’s big goal.

Good on Hank – to quiet the critics (meaning Mike) he scored another beauty – his 201st career goal.

(by beauties I mean they were both empty net goals)

1. All about Kassian part 1

Zack Kassian has been the most talked about Canuck player for the last 3 weeks, which is ridiculous because he hasn’t played in over a month.

It’s funny because his skill set and ability is exactly what the team needs to ignite its offense on those days when it’s looking tired and lost. And because he hasn’t done it yet this year (it’s hard to do it when you’re rehabbing an injury), fans are ready to move on and trade him.‘s Joey Kenward interviewed Kassian after practice Friday, and from his answer, you can see what the coaching staff (and perhaps management too) has been drilling into his head

“I need to be physical. That’s one thing I need to bring on a more consistent basis is being physical. My all-around game, if I’m being physical and creating turnovers and bringing pucks to the net, is creating more room out there.

The more guys we have being physical and creating space, we’re going to get more room and more scoring opportunities.”

Was he physical? Big Kass led all Canucks in hits with three, so yes, he did what he was told to do. He also had three strong offensive shifts that turned into quality shots for Vancouver.

But Kass went down easily when Johan Franzen hooked him in the second period, causing a bunch of Canucks fans to turn on him.

Truth? Kass went down too easily. It happens. Not really something to give up on a player for.

2. All about Kassian part 2

How could it all be about Kassian if there weren’t at least two segments devoted to him?

HNIC’s Cassie Campbell asked Henrik Sedin about what Kassian’s dealing with after the game.

“For him, it’s unfair the amount of pressure he has on him to score. He can be effective for us doing little things – being a strong power forward, hitting guys, going to the net.

In this market it’s easy (for fans) to just look at points, and as a player too it’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘you need to score.’ It’s unfair, but that’s this market, and you need to live with it and I think he’s done a good job.”

Two thoughts on Hank’s comments.

a. Taylor:

b. Fans were doing the same thing with Alex Burrows when he didn’t produce last year. They called him old, said his best days were behind him.

Luckily, he kept doing the little things, and look at him now – 9 goals and 17 points so far this season.

Don’t be too quick to write a player off.

3. Kelly’s theory on Miller

Any honest Canucks fan will tell you Ryan Miller’s had a strange season so far. He started well, jumping out and leading the NHL in wins after a month of play. Then he proved he could win games alone when he crushed San Jose in November.

Then he got tired (his words) and started to look like he was wearing an oven mitt instead of a catching glove for a month.

Since the Christmas break, the old Miller’s been back (and by that I mean the young Miller). He lost against L.A. on Thursday, but his team was pretty useless in front of him. HNIC didn’t give him a break on that, though. Kelly Hrudey has his theories on Miller’s up and down game this year. He said this before the game.

“The thing I go back to about Ryan miller is you think about changes in his life. Last year he was a rock star again with Buffalo, he was terrific. Then he was traded St. Louis, so that’s a significant change in his life. Then he signs with Vancouver, another big change of lifestyle. Now, he and his wife are expecting their first child soon. I think that adds to a little bit of the nervousness, it’s a whole lifestyle change.

I remember a team told me they’ve studied players that have moved either through trades or free agency and their records would indicate that it usually takes a player six months to come around and show what he can do. I wonder if that’s where Ryan Miller’s at right now.”

It’s a strange theory (and by that I mean obviously wrong) considering Miller’s played very well for stretches – meaning he’s already shown “what he can do.”

Maybe he hasn’t had any lifestyle changes in the last few weeks? Canucks fans who believe in Kelly’s theories better hope Miller’s home life remains unchanged.

More sane Canucks fans better hope he doesn’t tire out again.

When’s that baby due again?

4. Wil Wheaton: a douchebag with secret powers

This is marginally related to the Canucks so

Last week, the Kings lost to the Oilers, causing Wil Wheaton to tweet this (@theStanchion pointed it out in the Provies).

Douchey move, Wil.

Unfortunately for anyone who believes douchebags don’t win, the Kings responded to Wheaton’s pressure tactics.

Since that loss to the Oilers, the Kings mounted a third-period comeback against the Canucks on Thursday (sorry to remind you again).

Tonight, with his team losing by four goals in the second period to the Predators, he tweeted this:

He’d given up, even going so far as to reject the reality on the scoreboard…

Then the Kings scored 4 unanswered goals to tie up the game.

What have we learned?

Douchebags DO win. (Which we knew. Which is why we hate them and their smug douchiness.)

And being bandwagon fans who jump all over your team when they’re down works too.

Great lessons here. On how to become a douchebag.

5. Raffi hates on Cherry’s message

Fact: Don Cherry has a whole army of haters.

Chances are many of you are amongst that group. If you are, here’s something you can be happy about.

Presenting your new fearless leader: famous Canucks fanboy, children’s songwriter, and now anti-Cherry activist…

Cherry’s main message tonight?

He applauded the Junior Canadians for not cheering when they scored their 7-0 goal over Denmark, and he told kids to wear neckguards.

Cherry, who has an entire country of young hockey fans/players hanging on his every word, never shirks his responsibility. He teaches kids the value of humility and sportsmanship, and encourages them to be safe while playing the sometimes dangerous and rough sport of hockey.

While Raffi, who also works with kids, mutes the message.

Seems to me Raffi and all Canadian kids would be better off if they listened to Cherry instead of silencing him.

But let’s lighten things up to end. Cherry was wearing a neck guard that looked a lot like a turtleneck, prompting this beauty.

6. Winner of the contest

Every month, we enter everyone who has a tweet mentioned in our Sixpack posts into a draw for a $100 gift card to the Charles Bar or any Blueprint location. The winner for December is…

Victor Sum – @slipperyeel16

Congratulations. That’s a lot of Sprite.

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