Canucks post-game SixPack - Miller's revenge & Tanev jumps into a dogpile

Dec 19 2017, 1:38 pm

It’s somewhat fitting that the Canucks played Roberto Luongo and the Panthers on Monday, because the talk going into the game was all about Vancouver’s new Luongo.

I’m talking about the player we’ve written about, discussed and thrown around in trade rumours more than anyone else. I’m talking about a player Canucks fans love when he’s playing well but jump all over when he has a few bad games. I’m talking about one of the best Vancouver Canucks eve… ok, I got stuck thinking about Luongo for a second there.

I meant to talk about Zack Kassian. One of the greatest Canucks ever? Not yet. Maybe next year.

Most talked about Canuck this year? Definitely.

Of course there was another storyline in this game, albeit minor.

Miller won this time around, even though he lost his shutout streak with less than a minute remaining – the Canucks won 2-1.

1. Miller’s revenge

Two weeks ago, when Luongo beat Vancouver, Canucks fans were Luuing him until the very end of the game. On Tuesday, Botch wrote about Miller’s response to that fan reaction.

“I hope to have that kind of affection after a couple of years (in Vancouver).”

Putting up nearly three straight shutouts is a good start to winning the fans of Vancouver, Millsy.

Tough crowd, tough crowd.

Replacing Luongo will take more than half a season I guess.

2. Miller part 2

With Miller playing brick wall style hockey in his last three starts – with a small weep hole in the grout for rain screen purposes (there’s a joke for you construction people out there) – the question is will he start against the Lightning on Tuesday?

Sportsnet’s Dan Murphy asked him if he’d want the start after the Panthers game.

Miller: “If the coach taps me, I’m ready to go.”

Plus there’s this.

Lack’s sick, Miller’s been on fire, and he’ll have the All-Star break to recover? No reason for him not to play.

3. So… how’d Kassian do? part 1

Kassian drew into the lineup against Florida after being scratched two straight games because Brad Richardson was injured.

Feels as if Kassian’s fans have completely disappeared lately, but they came out of the woodwork for this one.

So including me, that’s four believers. Did he reward us?

4. So… how’d Kassian do? part 2

Kass made a couple of nice passes in the second period – one real beaut to Bonino.

Just over halfway through the second, Blake Price noted the abundance of playing time.

Yep, Kass was doing pretty well for playing time… until the third period began. But how was he actually playing? Go ahead, Twitter:

In the third, Derek Dorsett got 7 shifts. Hansen – 8. Horvat – 6.

Kassian? FOUR.

With the Canucks holding onto the lead, Desjardins didn’t want Kassian on the ice. If you think those shifts through two periods are on order from Mr. Benning to drive up Kassian’s trade value, you’re not alone.

I’m not sure if this is an insult to both or a compliment to one.

5. Best rivalry in hockey?

No idea why, but the Panthers and Canucks don’t seem to like each other.

There were, as Joey Kenward would put it, “A lot of extra-curricular activities going on after the whistle,” which is like saying, “The Canucks scored and lit the red light and put the puck in the net.” (I’m saying he likes using many synonyms all at once).

Here’s Chris Tanev going rogue during the second (thanks to @Chan_Bing for providing this):



6. Blogger wars

Dorsett’s fight led to this:

Great story, Murph. Thoughts, PITB?

Not everyone agreed, though…

Apparently Canucks bloggers were feeling a bit of the same aggressiveness as the players tonight.


Daniel scored the KO, though. This one made you say “YUP” then “… wait, what?”

Thought it was over, then, but feeling neglected in the blogger wars, Rob threw this in before the game was over:

She was doing the robot. Rob hates the robot. (I think that’s what he was getting at)

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