Canucks Post-Game #SixPack - Miller's hands are shakier than Dr. Nick's

Dec 19 2017, 8:50 pm

Henrik Sedin on TSN 1040 Radio with Jeff Paterson Tuesday said he’d like the Canucks to play better defensively going forward.

After Wednesday’s game against the Oilers, I’d say he’s got a pretty good read on his team.

Following a 5-4 win over the worst team in the Western Conference, a game Vancouver nearly gave away as David Perron kicked in the game tying goal with less than 30 seconds remaining (it didn’t count), Canucks fans might be more frightened than they are excited.

Or maybe they’ll just turn on Ryan Miller.

1. Miller part 1

Elliotte Friedman wrote the following about Ryan Miller in Monday’s 30 Thoughts:

“Former St. Louis goalie coach Corey Hirsch on Ryan Miller: “Rollie Melanson has got him playing a lot smarter. He’s playing a little deeper in his net and not attacking so much. Teams were starting to pass around him he was so aggressive… He’s a deep thinker for a goalie, you always have to explain why something will or won’t work for him. He’s still very talented, but I thought he was really behind in new goaltending techniques and saves.”

“Ran that assessment by another goalie coach, who agreed with Hirsch, but added when Miller had a rare rough night against Los Angeles, he reverted to some old habits. So that’s the next challenge.”

Unfortunately, that “rare rough night” has become less rare lately. In Miller’s last four starts (which includes the L.A. game) he’s allowed an average of 4.5 goals.

Some haven’t been his fault – the high stick by Arizona’s Martin Hanzal, or the Teddy Purcell’s shot that deflected off Derek Dorsett – but some really have.

For instance, Boyd Gordon’s:


Steve Pinizzotto’s wasn’t much better:


2. Miller part 2

Now I’m no goalie expert, so I’m not going to go typical Twitter analyst on Miller’s positioning, but I do know someone who is an expert.

Here’s Kevin Woodley’s (from InGoal Magazine) take on Miller (from during the game):

Reliance on feel… anyone who watched Miller play on Wednesday saw his “feel” is non-existent right now. He looked unsure of himself. He looked shakier than a 90 year old.

3. Miller part 3

One more on Miller.

I sort of piled on him a bit in the third with this tweet.

I was talking about his last set of starts, btw.

Paul disagreed, and then Daniel Wagner came up with this brilliant-because-it’s-so-simple argument:

4. Hansen on the breakaway

So… anyone notice I haven’t been a fan of the Hansen bashing Canucks fans love to take part in?

Two guys who definitely haven’t missed it – Robert Williams (our editor) and Jas Kang – who had me guest on their podcast last night. About a minute into my appearance I went on a three minute long rant about the Honey Badger.

I have to admit, though. Despite my ardent support, I didn’t predict him going sniper on a breakaway like he did here.


Hey, I should rant more often! (say none of my ex’s).

5. New look power play

Something else that was brought up in the podcast – one Twitter follower asked why Kassian isn’t on the power play yet.

Jas, Rob, and I laughed heartily and basically dismissed the question because no one has any idea why he’s not.

After a couple of failed PPs in the first, guess who got the call in the second period… oh yeah.

And guess which team scored a power-play goal three seconds after Kassian was added to it?

Did Kassian affect the play? You judge (he starts on the right of Henrik, before the faceoff):


He didn’t touch the puck, and was hardly even near the play… but he did hold Taylor Hall up. That size and strength (and his hands, obviously) are exactly why everyone wants him on the man advantage. He creates space.

6. A win’s a win

SixPack legend Mike Stefanuk summed up the game nicely:

Weber’s game-winning goal:


Note: thanks to @myregularface for providing the gifs used in this post.

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