Canucks post-game SixPack - Evander Kane pulls a Brian Williams

Dec 19 2017, 1:58 pm

Following Vancouver’s 5-3 loss to Minnesota, Henrik Sedin said there have been times this season when the team has won a game and come out flat in the next one. Monday against the Wild was not one of those flat performances, he said. The team played well five-on-five, but Minny capitalized on power plays.

Any time a captain says a team played well but lost anyways, you wonder who’s really at fault. Special teams? Perhaps. Someone else? Hmm.

All we know is against the Blackhawks Wednesday, the team chose Eddie Lack to give them the best chance to win.

The Canucks won 5-4 in overtime. How did Eddie do? Can’t give everything away in the intro.

1. Sedins: awesome as hell

Against one of the best teams in the league, the Canucks needed their top line to step up. The Sedins – who still have tons of magic left in them – did that on Wednesday.

First they scored the go-ahead 4-2 goal in the third.

Unfortunately, it turned out not to be the go-ahead goal. Mike, going into OT:

Close, Mike. Should’ve stuck with Daniel.

Here’s the OT winner.

Inconsistent? Over the hill?

Guess what? The Sedins rank 24 and 25 in the league in points scored now, and they’re within six points of being top 10.

2. Eddie Eddie

Lack was on fire through two periods, prompting this from our editor.

After outshooting the Blackhawks 28-22 and through two periods, and outscoring them 3-1, Lack was even better in the third as Chicago outshot Vancouver 19-7. On the game-tying five-hole goal that got the Hawks to overtime, though, he was bad.

That last goal may or may not be what he’s remembered for in this game. Luckily for Lack, the Canucks have a back-to-back against Boston and Calgary this Friday and Saturday. He’ll get his chance to make up for it soon.

Oh, and he hasn’t lost his sense of humour, or his ability to own Canucks fans’ hearts.

3. More Kassian

Zack Kassian said on a TSN 1040 interview Tuesday that Chicago is one of his favourite places to play. Many of his friends come down from Windsor to watch him play there. We predicted he’d be pumped for the game.

So what would the new, confident Kassian do after scoring two goals in two games?

If you said score his third in three, you should be a fortune teller. Here it is.

And how did he celebrate? Nope, not this:



He already outdid himself.

4. Benn & Seguin – dumb as “shit”

By now you’ve all heard about Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin’s comments about the Sedins.

Really, it’s nothing new. Tons of people have called the Sedins names in the past, from calling them the “sisters” to “Thelma and Louise.”

Mirtle’s wrong.

The reason Benn and Seguin’s comments are such a big deal is they came from fellow players. Peers. (Many media members still say this stuff, but their cheap grabs for attention are transparent by now).

Fact: in terms of being generous, character individuals and incredible role models, the Sedins are the best of their generation with the likes of Jarome Iginla, Daniel Alfredsson, Saku Koivu, Markus Naslund and Trevor Linden.

Can you even imagine an NHL player saying any one of those class acts is “odd as shit”?

It would be idiotic. It would be laughable and pathetic.

Trust Henrik to exude class in his response to the comments, saying, “It says more about them than it does about us.”

In case you haven’t heard the original interview with Benn and Seguin, TSN 1040’s Satiar Shah unearthed it here.

Oh, and “odd as shit”?


That’s from @ZoSoCanuck. Seguin and Marchand are on the right, celebrating their Stanley Cup. Looks to me like the frat boys are projecting their “odd as shit”-ness.

5. Sbisa dispenser

Perhaps Luca Sbisa can be best described as an enigma. If enigma means mostly bad with a few decent plays sprinkled in.

Sbisa’s even-strength corsi +/- read a Canucks second-worst minus-7 against the Hawks. He gave away the puck leading directly to Chicago’s first goal, and he was in front of the net for Chicago’s second goal. That was bad.

But in overtime, Sbisa ended up on the ice with the Sedins as they extended their shift. On that one shift he looked confident with the puck and he looked completely out of sorts with it.

The scariest moment was when he held onto it a little too long at the opposing blue line, allowing Marian Hossa to challenge him. He made the entire city of Vancouver think he was going to cough up a clear cut breakaway to the sniper who’d just tied up the game, but surprisingly he held it in.

Still, this is fitting.

6. Kane pulls a Brian Williams

You’d have to be living on Mars to have missed the Evander Kane trade (if you lived under a rock, you’d still get a phone signal) (actually, do they have the Internet on Mars?), so I won’t rehash it here.

What I will do is rehash why Kane didn’t play in Vancouver last week. Pierre LeBrun spoke with Kane after the trade and wrote about it here. LeBrun asked if the tracksuit in the shower was what did it.

“I’m actually one of the guys that doesn’t mind that kind of stuff, to be honest.”

“That’s kind of a funny part for me hearing all this. I’m a pretty tough guy mentally and physically. I think if people thought it was just about that, that’s fine. That gives me a pretty good laugh.”


According to Kane, his bad shoulder was the catalyst.

“It’s just common sense that I would have wanted to play in my hometown in front of friends and family where I know everyone has tickets to the game.”

“Of course I would have wanted to. But unfortunately, it comes to a point where you just can’t do it anymore because of the things I was going through. I couldn’t do what I needed to do out there. It (his shoulder) would come out twice in a period, once a period, sometimes it wouldn’t come out. It was tough to judge and get a feel for it.”

“After the break, we played in Philadelphia, our second game back, it came out twice in the third period and it just became harder and harder to continue. It was getting worse. I didn’t want to put myself in a situation where it would become possibly career-threatening or maybe not be able to recover fully.”

Kane pulling a Brian Williams with his memory of the events of last Thursday? Considering he’s out of hockey for 6 months without pay, this might be the right conclusion.

Buffalo better hope he remembers saying he was excited about this trade when he starts playing there next year.

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