Canucks Post-Game #Sixpack - Let's Keep This Party Going

Dec 19 2017, 10:13 am

With the Canucks continuing to screw up their draft position, it’s time to crack open a Six-Pack.

1. Elliotte Friedman Drops a Bomb

During the first intermission, a great piece of info was dropped by the always dynamite Elliotte Friedman.

At the tail end of the panel absolutely taking John Tortorella apart and actually showing concern for the state of the Vancouver Canucks (they weren’t laughing believe it or not.), Friedman revealed that the reason the team may have given up on their coach. After a game against Ottawa earlier in the season, Tortorella said the following:

“If Booth is our best player, we’re in trouble”

Most fans agreed with this sentiment at the time and probably even forgot about it but apparently, the players haven’t. We may rag on Booth (and for good reason) but his teammates seem to like him and are still pissed off about what Tortorella said. So will David Booth ultimately be the reason we get rid of John Tortorella? I think I can hear the Booth fan base growing.

2. I Agree with Glen Healy (Need a shower now…)

During the same panel segment, Glen Healy tore into John Tortorella for employing a system that makes no logical sense with the kind of talent the Canucks have to work with. He even used video evidence (GASP!) to back up his points. Healy showed a few occasions where the Canucks defenseman had the chance to retain possession and move the puck up the ice quickly but instead abided by orders to dump and chase. Many people have pointed out the flaws in Tortorella’s game plan and the Canucks’ record seems to provide evidence that it maybe isn’t the best for the personnel. It’s just weird that Healy said something logical.

3. Go Blackhawks

I really don’t enjoy saying this, but I also really don’t enjoy watching the Kings play hockey. This game was a perfect example of how the Kings play a suffocating style that takes any fun out of the game and I really couldn’t imagine having to sit through another playoff run like 2012 when LA won the Stanley Cup. I have honestly never been as bored watching a Stanley Cup Final than I was that year. At least the Blackhawks are entertaining and their games are worth watching. Now that I’ve praised Chicago, I need another shower.

4. Frank “the Tank” Corrado

After being called up for no reason last week, Frank Corrado got another chance and was inserted into the lineup for the injured Yannick Weber. You could tell early on that Corrado was a little nervous as he bobbled the puck quite a bit. Corrado did become a factor though as he took two interference penalties, the second of which turned into the LA’s first goal. It’s a little distressing to see Corrado play this way after looking so promising last season in the short time he spent in Vancouver. However, there is a logical explanation for his penalties:

Still, the Canucks need to play Corrado for the rest of the season to see what they have in the young defenceman. If he plays well, it could make trading a veteran D-man for forward depth much easier handle.

5. The Benefits of Being Terrible

That’s Rob. Always the optimist.

6. Now You Choose to Beat the Kings?!

In honour of it being Wrestlemania XXX weekend:

The Canucks’ chances of landing a decent draft pick got the Sweet-Chin Music on Saturday.


I have to give the Canucks a ton of credit for playing the way they did. It may be a little late, but it’s always satisfying beating the Kings. However, as a member of Tank Nation:

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