Canucks post-game Sixpack - Carrie Underwood and the game according to Ryan

Dec 19 2017, 1:33 pm

Oh boy. It’s games like this (a 5-1 loss to Nashville) when you need a solid, entertaining, get-your-mind-off-the-game Vancity Buzz Sixpack.

That’s a lot of pressure. Lucky for me, unlike the Canucks, none of the members of the Omarcanuck household have been hit by the flu (all one of us), so hopefully we’ll respond better than your hockey team.

1. The game according to Ryan

My empty words couldn’t possibly do as good a job as VCB writer Ryan Biech’s timeline has tonight. The Preds had a 2-0 lead 6 minutes into the first period. That’s when Ryan began.

I hoped he was wrong but the Canucks looked exhausted and unprepared. They also took three penalties in the first period. That didn’t help.

And his tweet after the first period.

Vancouver scored 3 minutes into the second period, and the negativity vanished for a while. Canucks fans had this strange, foreign feeling…

I believe it is referred to as “hope”.

After being outshot in the first period, the Canucks were the ones shooting more in the second. They really did look alive.

They were looking good in the third period too…

But then the Canucks got a power play and everything was ruined. And no, what I just wrote was not a mistake.

The power play was horrible. Vancouver didn’t even set up in the offensive end, let alone take a single shot on net.

Filip Forsberg scored a soft goal on Eddie Lack in the 13th minute. Mike Fisher scored two minutes later, and Craig Smith two mintes after that. Ryan?

In conclusion…

And that, people, is the birth of #TGATR

2. No Eddie chant?

Ryan Miller let Lack play for a second straight game as he’s come down with the flu. Too scared to face Shea Weber’s rip-a-hole-through-the-net shot? No – Miller looked like a ghost on the bench.

On Saturday, Lack played through the flu as well. He felt so bad that day that he skipped the optional morning skate, which is something he never does.

Watching him play against the Preds, he looked off. He wasn’t reacting quickly, wasn’t tracking the puck well, and he was down and out after making most first saves.

It wasn’t easy to watch for #TeamLack members, but can’t argue with facts. Of course, some of our team members tried.

Theory verified:

3. How did Twitter feel?

Nice attempted distraction from the game:

This conspiracy theory was better, though. Not sure how much trouble it’ll get me in to include it…

While this non-conspiracy theory might actually be true:

Tweet of the game:

Congrats of the game:

Positive spin of the game:

Truest tweet of the night:

Truestest tweet of the night?

And… don’t worry be happy tweet of the night:

He’s right. Cheer up, people!

4. The Sedins (do not) stink!

A question was posed:

Hmm, well this is a little awkward, but actually the Sedins haven’t been that bad in the last two Canucks games. True, they haven’t put up any points, but who has?

Looking at the stats, Henrik and Daniel were the 3rd and 6th best forwards against Calgary according to corsi +/- (all situations). Against Nashville they were 3rd and 4th best.

Are they doing what the top line is supposed to do by leading the team in offensive chances like they were earlier this season? No. But it does seem like they’ve recovered from the Christmas funk they were in.

5. Friedman has a thought on the goalies

Elliotte Friedman posted his 30 Thoughts column earlier today, and “thought #8” was a doozy of a brainteaser for Canucks fans.

Will Vancouver become a player in any potential goalie roulette? Eddie Lack is unrestricted after next season. Jacob Markstrom is restricted this summer and won’t clear waivers again. Joacim Ericsson gives them depth and time to assess Thatcher Demko. Can’t see the Canucks helping someone like the Wild, since the two teams are in direct competition. But anyone else?

The answer? The tidbit of information we usually find in each of his 30 thoughts?

It was nowhere to be seen.

If that’s how 30 Thoughts works, I’m going to make a thoughts column of my own. Here are Omarcanuck’s 2 thoughts (I’m starting light):

1. Will Vancouver be a seller at the trade deadline? They have a number of players they could trade. Can’t see the Canucks trading a draft pick, though. But veterans?

2. Should I order pizza or sushi for dinner tonight? I worked out this morning so the smart choice would be sushi. But pizza is so tasty. Can’t see myself getting off my couch to do either, though. Any other options?

So… I ran out of hockey thoughts after number 1…

Also, I’m hungry.

6. To cheer you up

Guys, here’s a picture of your favourite hockey fan taking in the Preds game:


Ladies – don’t worry, I’ve kept you in mind too!

To you, I present, the hottest face in hockey.



Dry your tears Canucks fans. In the end, everyone wins.

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