Canucks post-game #sixpack - a blast from the past

Dec 19 2017, 10:06 am

Against the Wild on Wednesday, the Canucks put up five goals, Ryan Kesler and Daniel Sedin scored and Alex Edler made an incredible defensive play.

Canucks 2011 edition, is that you?

Vancouver, a team that hadn’t scored five goals in regulation in over two and a half months, won 5-2.

And our playoff dreams live on…

1. Booth is for real

After David Booth’s first goal of the night, I tweeted the following:

And he did it. He scored a second goal. Meaning it wasn’t a fluke. Meaning… he’s an actual, real-life goalscorer.

I’m as surprised as you.

2. Edler saves the day

With the Canucks up 2-1, Alex Edler saved a goal from going in. Yes, I’m talking about the same Edler who sports the 853rd plus/minus ranking in the NHL at minus-29. That’s third worst in the league, by the way.

And yes, I have proof.


3. Shedding the monkey

Ever wondered what it looks like when a former 41-goal scorer ends a 23-game goal-less drought?

Something like this:


He looks happy.

4. Calling Torts’ bluff on playing time

John Tortorella to the media after Tuesday’s practice:

“You guys think about that ice time a hell of a lot more than I do.”

An NHL head coach not thinking about ice time? Fat chance. I don’t believe it for a second.

In the last #SixPack I wrote (after the Nashville game), I noted that Henrik Sedin’s playing time was only 16:56 – a far cry from when he was playing over 21 minutes every night earlier in the season.

On Sunday, Daniel Sedin played 17:52.

Now Torts is a man of immense pride – admitting he listened to the media or anyone else on how to deploy his players would probably make him want to storm his own dressing room to fight himself – but he is listening.

In the Minnesota game, Daniel’s ice time was 15:20.

Still believe he doesn’t think about ice time?

5. Torts’ evaluation methods

Following Zack Kassian’s incredible four-point game on Sunday, Torts was asked how he thought young Zack had performed.


“There were times when he dumped the puck at the right times instead of trying to make something happen… he changed up at the right time, and you could see the concentration.”

Wait, Kassian brushes a Buffalo player off his back as if he were an annoying housefly to earn one of four assists, and that’s what Torts observes?

Luckily I had a friend sitting behind Vancouver’s bench. He sent me a revealing picture of Tortorella’s clipboard.

Some teams track scoring chances. Some even use advanced stats like Corsi and Fenwick. Not Vancouver’s old-school coach.


No wonder he loves Tom Sestito so much.

6. Kass on fire

Speaking of Kassian, he followed up his four-point game by dominating Charlie Coyle to score a beauty.

[youtube id = “e4Stw5KsAxc”]