Canucks Post-Game SixPack: That's All She Wrote

Dec 19 2017, 10:57 pm

If the Vancouver Canucks were going to lose this series on Saturday, you knew they were going to do it in the most Vancouver Canuck way possible and they did not disappoint, dropping a 7-4 decision to the Calgary Flames.

When the Canucks jumped out to a three goal lead, another game seven classic between the two rivals looked all but assured. But naturally…

Calgary clawed back and tied the game 3-3 (#Neverquit or something stupid like that). Back and forth she went with British Columbia and Alberta pretty much looking the same way:

In the end, Calgary would prevail and the Canucks are heading back home wondering how they could have possibly blown a three goal lead and what could have been if they hadn’t.

I think the fans in Vancouver have heard that one too many times over the years. Even though the Sedins are the last ones that should be blamed for this latest debacle, it’s getting more and more tiresome hearing this from the Canucks.

For one last time this season, I need a SixPack…


Final score: Flames 7 – Canucks 4

Canucks goals:

  1. Brandon McMillan (1st goal) – Assisted by Chris Higgins and Bo Horvat
  2. Jannik Hansen (2nd goal) – Assisted by Shawn Matthias and Chris Tanev
  3. Radim Vrbata (2nd goal) – Assisted by Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin
  4. Luca Sbisa (1st goal) – Assisted by Jannik Hansen


Flames goals:

  1. Michael Ferlund (1st goal) – Assisted by Matt Stajan and David Jones
  2. Sean Monahan (2nd goal) – Assisted by Jiri Hudler and Dennis Wideman
  3. Johnny Gaudreau (2nd goal) – Assisted by TJ Brodie and Jiri Hudler
  4. Jiri Hudler (2nd goal) – Assisted by Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan
  5. Matt Stajan (1st goal) – Assisted by Michael Ferlund and David Jones
  6. Jiri Hudler (3rd goal) – Assisted by Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan
  7. Michael Ferlund (2nd goal) – Assisted by David Jones and Matt Stajan


1. The Prophecy

Hats off to Mikael Backlund who made a ballsy call that ended up being correct. This could have been mighty ugly for him (and it looked that way to start), but he was correct in the end.

The Calgary Flames eliminated the Vancouver Canucks in six games.

This sucks.


2. Probably Should Have Gone With Lack

In the early stages of the game, it looks like Willie Desjardins had made a good call going with Ryan Miller in Game 6. As the game went on, however, it became apparent that the six million dollar man wasn’t ready to handle a barrage of shots.

Miller clearly had issues moving side to side and controlling rebounds. Combine that with a defence that needs a lot of work in the off-season, and you have the makings of an absolute disaster.

At least the St. Louis Blues didn’t have to do it all again the next year.

3. What The…

I don’t know what was more surprising. Was it Brandon McMillan scoring the first goal? Or was it the Vancouver Canucks scoring the first goal?

Either way, it was a huge play (not enough credit went to Bo Horvat because he’s not 18 like Sam Bennet who’s 18) that put the Canucks on the right path. Unfortunately, that path led to blowing a 3-0 lead but then something even more surprising happened.

Luca Sbisa scored. An important goal!

And to take advantage of this excellent segue opportunity…


4. Luca Sbisa Continues to Mystify

It just wouldn’t be a Vancouver Canucks hockey game without a massive Luca Sbisa screw up. As much as you don’t want to continue to rail on the guy for his mistakes, plays like this make that completely impossible.

At this point in the game, the Canucks we’re up 3-0 on the Flames (whether they deserved that is up for debate) and the first period was winding down. As much as I advocate to keep the foot on their jugulars, playing responsibly in the last few minutes to keep Calgary down by three goals would have been huge.

Luca’s pizza gave the Flames hope and they are probably the last team you want to give hope and wouldn’t you know it? It cued the comeback.

Pretty “doom and gloom” right. Well…

Luca Sbisa, ruining the narrative for everyone, scored the fourth goal for the Canucks to jump back ahead of Calgary.


5. The “Penalty”

You know when the Vancouver Canucks official Twitter account is complaining then it has to be bad. Even worse? Mark Spector thought it was crap:

After everything that the Calgary Flames have pulled this series, especially when Eddie Lack was in net, you would think the referees would use some sense. Instead, they called a ridiculous penalty at a crucial part of the game.

See and judge for yourself:

And here is Ed Willes saying what we are all thinking:

Don’t get me wrong, the officials did not decide the outcome of this game (Ryan Miller and the defence did…). But a momentum changing penalty in the third period is a little hard to take right now.


6. That’s All Folks

Well, another season in the books and another colossal disappointment to mull over for the next five months.

It’s hard to be positive on a night like tonight where the Canucks once again reminded us of how inept this franchise can be.

Yes, Vancouver wasn’t supposed to make the playoffs this year and the positives probably outweighed the negatives. But losing this spectacularly to the Calgary Flames is going to hurt for a long time. Like, we’re talking Chicago Blackhawks painful.

I’m sure there will be countless articles produced that will further digest this game and the season on the whole.

So I’m going to grab a gigantic bottle of liquor and leave it at that.



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