Canucks Post-Game #SixPack - And That's All She Wrote

Dec 19 2017, 10:17 am

The Canucks have finally played their final game so what better way to celebrate than to crack open the final post-game Six Pack of the season.

1. RIP Tank Nation…We Did It

With Carolina’s victory over the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday, the Vancouver Canucks secured either the 1st, 6th, or 7th overall pick in the 2014 NHL Draft. This was the best thing that could have happened to Vancouver as it gave the fans (optimists and draftists) one last chance to unite and cheer on the team in the season finale.

With the outcome of Sunday’s game pretty much deemed irrelevant, the Canucks couldn’t improve or hurt the draft position agains the Flames. As I mentioned before, there are three possible spots the Canucks could pick. Here is a break down of the percentages:

So most likely, we are looking at the 6th spot. However, because this is a lottery (literally a ball pulled out of a giant lottery machine), there is still a chance that a team below the Canucks wins the lottery and moves up which would drop the Canucks to 7th. This would be the worst case scenario but there is still a remote possibility that the Canucks win the lottery and move up to 1st overall, which of course, would be incredible.

Tune into TSN on Tuesday night to find out where the Vancouver falls in the 2014 Draft. Count on the Canucks getting 6th overall and picking either Michael Dal Colle or Jake Virtanen.

2. Torts Makes His Last (Hopefully) Dumb Decision of the Year

I really don’t understand John Tortorella’s thought process. He plays Eddie Lack for 19 straight games while holding the faintest hope of fumbling into the playoffs and it clearly affected the young goalie in a negative way. Then, once the team was officially eliminated from the playoffs, Markstrom finally got his chance to play a few games but clearly, it hasn’t gone too well which isn’t the least bit surprising when you don’t play for over a month.

In the last game of the season, you would think that Eddie Lack would be getting the start as he is supposedly their number one goaltender. Lack has had two games to recover from that insane stretch, so why not play him for that last game of the season to give the fans a chance to say thank you for enduring this ridiculous season?

Sometimes heroes don’t get the respect they deserve.

3. Pray for Daniel

Late in the second period, Daniel Sedin was driven from behind into the boards by Paul Byron which left him lying on the ice for an extended period of time. While it may not have been the worst hit this season, it was definitely unnecessary and dangerous. The best part however, was that there was no call until after the referees notice Daniel not moving.

Early indications were that Daniel is going to be okay but it was then reported that he was being taken to the hospital for further evaluation:

Here’s hoping Daniel Sedin is okay and this is all precautionary. Although the Canucks will desperately need Daniel in full health next season, at this point I’m sure we would all settle for Daniel just being okay to resume playing hockey.

4. Pray for Daniel Continued…

You really have to hand it to society because sometimes people can be incredibly stupid. Case in point, Kristen Odland of the Calgary Herald:

Props to @THECooop for posting the screen shot as the tweet was quickly deleted by Odland. I think the most aggravating part of that ridiculous comment is that is was relying on the age old stereotype that the Sedins are soft. I don’t care who you are. If you get hit from behind into the boards like Sedin, you are going to stay down.

However, Odland quickly retracted her statement once she realized how dumb her comment was:

People, especially those that live in Vancouver, don’t forget. And we screen shot everything so look out!

5. The Kids are Alright

Like I predicted in my Game Preview, The Canucks provided Johnny Gaudreau with his first NHL goal in his first NHL game. It was a meaningless goal in a meaningless game but it is still exciting for a young player to score in his first opportunity. So good for Johnny.

However, another kid got his first NHL goal on Sunday night. Frankie Corrado buried his first NHL goal off of an incredibly lucky bounce. It was great for Frankie to finally notch his first as a Canuck, even though it ultimately meant didily-squat.

6. And Now We Wait…

Given that the Canucks look to be undergoing a complete restructuring, we now get to sit back and enjoy all of the changes that are sure to come to Vancouver. I am assuming that the first (and most pressing) decision will be regarding coach John Tortorella. Will Torts be able to convince President Trevor Linden that his vision is the right one for this team moving forward? Or will Linden be able to cut through the crap and realize that Torts is the wrong coach for this team and that none of his decisions have worked this year?

Stayed tuned as we gradually move into the summer of change for the Vancouver Canucks.

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