How things have changed: The Canucks, now and then

Dec 19 2017, 8:13 pm

With the Canucks struggling to score goals, much less win a game, it is quite a stark contrast from the 2011 glory years.

Now, there are some bright spots in regards to the youth on the team, but a combination of injuries and age have left the Canucks scrambling to earn points. It might force their hand into a rebuild so many in the city desperately want to see.

That being said, let’s have some fun with this, and see just how much times have changed since the Canucks were on top of the world, shall we? It’s better to laugh at our misfortunes while we await for the better future that lies ahead of us.


Then: We would wonder how many goals the Canucks would score in a game, and wondered if we’d hit double digits.

Now: We wonder how many shots the Canucks will get in a game and wonder if we’ll hit double digits.


Then: We’d joke about if this would be the day someone would finally win the Safeway Score and Win.

Now: We get confused by the terms “score” and “win”, and campaign to have it re-named the “Safeway Contest”.


Then: We’d see d-men pinching left and right, cutting through the offensive zone at will.

Now: Sometimes Bartkowski gives Hutton a little pinch in post-game scrums.


Then: The Sedins carried the team on their back for long stretches of time.

Now: The Sedins carry the team on their back for long stretches of time but have to take several naps in between shifts.


Then: Raffi Torres was patrolling the ice, making sure everybody kept their head up.

Now: Brandon Prust patrols twitter, making sure everybody keeps their engagement rate up.


Then: A veteran Chris Higgins began resurrecting his career with a great playoff showing in 2011.

Now: A veteran Chris Higgins began resurrecting his career with his ability to buy beer for the young guys in Utica.


Then: The Canucks regularly won Presidents’ Trophies and were at or near the top of the league for several seasons.

Now: The Canucks regularly go to President’s Choice and pick up a several varieties of popcorn seasonings.


Then: The Canucks played like ferocious tigers on the ice, devouring opponents left and right.

Now: Willie Desjardins plays Medicine Hat Tigers alumni, devouringthe Sedins’s ice time left and right.


Then: Canucks fans had to pay an annual fee just to be on a list to eventually get season tickets.

Now: Canucks fans pay an annual fee to their local cable provider to watch the games from home.


Then: Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler, and Maxim Lapierre terrorized opponents with their annoying and frustrating antics.

Now: Sometimes Fin bangs his drum loudly.