Canucks Insider Tweets Luongo met with Leafs Doctor Yesterday

From the same Canucks insider that brought you the Luongo to Toronto tweet, here is the latest breaking news: According to @Samjam99, Luongo met with a Leaf’s team doctor yesterday (the first step in large trades of this nature) and the deal is well underway. 

If you missed the initial tweet and need to play catch up, here is the article (this also includes a bit of information about @Samjam99).

For those who are up to date, this is the latest tweet:

@samjam99 also retweeted @BlogTrot on a Luongo spotting in Toronto.

Finally, Here is @samjam99’s  follow up blog post on nhlbeat.


– No information surrounding what the Canucks will receive in return for Luongo (if the trade is legitimate) has been released.

– Even for the most serious of skeptics, it’s getting tough to believe that Luongo won’t be wearing the white and blue come next season. Not to mention that if this is indeed a hoax, it is one of Da Vinci Code proportions.

– It looks like Luongo’s alleged twitter account @strombone1’s latest clue meant Schneider will be the starting goalie come September.