Remember "The Dress"? Fans debate if photo is of Quinn or Jack Hughes

Mar 14 2023, 6:36 pm

Ever since they first broke onto the radar, the trio of hockey-playing Hughes brothers have been a goldmine for social media content.

A trio of top-10 picks in 2018, 2019, and 2021, Quinn, Jack, and Luke Hughes have certainly earned their fair share of fans across the hockey world who aren’t afraid to put out any sort of tweet about the sibling squad.

But today’s storyline comes from a photo of Vancouver Canucks defender Quinn Hughes wearing a headset in an interview looking much like he often does: a little red in the face, a little bit exhausted, and a little bit dead in the eyes.

But was it Quinn? Or was it actually his younger brother, Jack, the New Jersey Devils forward?

Twitter user @itsmarchmarney likened the photo to “The Dress,” the viral sensation in 2015 where a photo of a striped dress was interpreted by about half of any audience as white and gold, whereas other people would see it as blue and black.

Have a look a the photo of this Hughes brother, and see for yourself which NHL star it actually is.

Jack won the poll about which brother it was, edging out Quinn by about two percentage points.

There was plenty of reaction to the initial tweet comparing the photo to “The Dress,” as well as the Yanny/Laurel phenomenon where people would hear vastly different words on the same audio clip.

The answer: it’s actually from a tweet from user @eliizott, showing Quinn in an interview with Sportsnet during a recent Canucks game. While it’s not the clearest photo, both the Canucks’ TD jersey patch and the tip of its classic “skate” logo can be seen on Quinn’s jersey.

Twitter user @19TH0RNTON went so far as to make a diagram of why the photo is clearly Quinn, offering a breakdown of his facial features.

We’re not exactly sure what we learned from this exercise, except maybe a) brothers can look alarmingly alike, even if it’s only from certain angles, and b) we’re probably all spending way too much time on social media.

We can’t wait until the next optical illusion comes up from a set of NHL brothers on different teams. Your turn, Brady and Matthew Tkachuk.

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