Canucks SixPack: Another win as an epic battle ensues in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 8:06 pm

Vancouver’s won two games in a row and I don’t know if that’ll excite you or make you upset.

You see, #TeamTank and #TeamWinning are in an epic war to take over Vancouver and neither is backing down.

With the wins, the Canucks are within two points of a wild card playoff spot.

They’re also within two points of a first round matchup with Chicago or L.A.

Now do you understand why there’s disagreement?

With all this going on, the most entertaining moments during Canucks games might have to come when there’s no hockey going on, as it did Tuesday with the Beth Bartkowski interview.

So let’s start with John Garrett’s reaction to John Shorthouse’s announcement that the Grammy’s, including Justin Bieber, are coming soon to TV.

Garrett: “Your favourite, Justin Bieber. Your kareoke machine loaded with Justin Bieber songs…

And you don’t have to say you’re sorry.”

Shorty: “What do you mean?”

The biggest question coming out of the game is do John and John really know that many Bieber songs or was this entire bit scripted by Dan Murphy?


Oh, the Canucks won 2-1, so we better talk about hockey now.


1. The young ‘uns story

Beth said she calls them the young ‘uns and who am I to argue.

You might’ve heard Jared McCann was not slated to play against the Coyotes with coach Willie telling John Abbott he was protecting the kid from a matchup against Martin Hanzal.

McCann ended up drawing in when Dorsett pulled out due to illness, and he looked like he belonged setting up Virtanen for Vancouver’s first goal.

That was it for happy moments where the kids were involved, though.

During the second period Vermette took a run at McCann and shortly after, Murphy took a run at Virtanen.


By the end of the game, Virtanen and McCann played about nine minutes, low for them with the ice time they’ve been getting lately.

But given how they were being man-handled by the Coyotes, Willie made the right call.

Without Dorsett around to punch the idiots or Prust to hug them, you’re better off protecting the future of your team by limiting their ice time.


2. Tank vs. Win

Back to that epic battle I referred to earlier…

Some were happy with the win.

Some not so much.

Some are disgusted with the mere notion of tanking (This might be Benning’s secret Twitter account).

While some don’t feel it’s even necessary to explain.

I’m telling you, it’s hard to get a feel for what Vancouver wants right now. One thing I do know, this reply from the most critical Canucks fan on Twitter made me laugh.


3. Also not on #TeamTank

Two players definitely not on TeamTank – Hamhuis and Biega.

Either that or they really hate feeling Miller’s laser glare.

First, Hammer’s lead-preserving block.


That was good, but Biega’s was 10x better.


Also excellent – Miller first acting like the puck’s underneath him, and then pulling it in with his arm when he realizes it isn’t. In reality, Biega saved the puck and then shoveled it beneath the goalie.


4. Nice save

Heck of a save by a guy we’ve never heard of, though.


(His name is Louis Domingue, if that helps).


5. Horvat for unsung hero

You may not realize this, but the saddest person after we found out Sutter’s jaw was broken was probably Bo Horvat.

The job of doing all the heavy defensive lifting is all his once again.

Horvat had a team-low zone start percentage of 31, meaning 69 percent of his draws were taken in the defensive end.

Considering this, the fact he ran a plus-7 corsi, behind only the Sedin line amongst forwards, was remarkable.

Also remarkable – Horvat led all forwards in ice time with just over 19 minutes.

He really has turned his season around since December.


6. Getting to the bottom of the McPlann

On Tuesday, nearly 80 percent of you responded “There is no plan” to my poll question regarding the McPlann, and as he was set set to sit again Wednesday, it’s hard to argue.

But this Twitter follower may have uncovered the true answer.

Note: Big thanks to Ryan Biech who managed to fight through technical difficulties to bring us these gifs