Canucks ABC's: Nobody makes Daniel bleed his own blood

Dec 19 2017, 6:32 pm

This was one of those games that if you watched half of it before heading out for the night, you had an awful surprise waiting for you on your PVR when you got back home. Yes, the infamous three goal lead haunted the Canucks as they ended up falling to the Montreal Canadiens 4-3 in overtime. Shockingly, the Canucks lost in OT once again.

So who won the awards you ask? Let’s sift through the rubble of broken dreams and find out.



Daniel Sedin

There is an unwritten rule for the ABC’s where if you bleed and score a goal in the same game, odds are you’ll win the Ace of the game. Even if Jannik Hansen pulled out a knife and cut his cheek, then scored a goal, that earns you some bonus points for the ABC’s. There’s just something beautifully primal about seeing an athlete bleed, shrug it off, then go about their business.

Case in point, Daniel Sedin:


I don’t know what the Swedish word for “moxy” is (lingonberry?), but Daniel and Henrik have long lost the mantle of being soft players, and are being seen more and more as the “bend but not break” kind of guys they are. You could run Henrik or Daniel over with a car, and while they’d probably yell at the ref for the missed call, they’d get up and skate out for the next shift.

The best part about Daniel’s goal? The puck got stuck in the net and Henrik had to explain to Condon that he had in fact not made the save. That is glorious. How often do you get to inform a confused goalie that he’s failed at his profession in that moment?


On top of that, it was a power play goal to boot! That’s right, the Canucks actually managed to score two power play goals in one game. What a time to be alive!

Alas, this was back when the game was 3-0… We’ll get to that later, though.



Adam Cracknell

Adam Cracknell wins the Brace of the game because a) everyone else was mostly mediocre and b) I choose the awards, so who are you to question me??

Cracknell played physical (trying to replace that Sbisa edge that has become the latest theory in the “Why are the Canucks playing like garbage?” question), and he made this rebound goal look pretty damn slick.


“Oh that puck right there, does anybody want it? No? Ok, I’ll take it then.”

On top of that, Cracknell is quickly becoming the best “shoot from the worst angles ever” guy in the league, and I kind of love it. Watch any game he plays in, and he could be behind the net and on one foot, and he’ll still take a shot on net. On the ground and with his back to the net? He’ll find a way to get a shot on net.

Plus, I have a folder on my computer saved as “Crack Goals”, which makes it seem like I’ve gotten a dossier on things drug addicts should try and aspire to in life, which makes me smile.




This was one of those games that starts off like an episode of CSI. It shows a happy couple in the opening scene (back when it was 3-0), then before you know it bodies are strewn left and right, blood is all over the place, and you have no idea what the hell happened. It was one of those games where you feel like you have to bring your buddy a cup of coffee while you both survey the scene.

It was a game where once the Canucks got that 3-0 lead everyone made jokes about “the worst lead in hockey” but we weren’t really joking? Like, we all thought it was a possibility they’d blow it, but we thought if we joked about it, it would make everything work out.

Things that sucked last night:

  • Vbrata seemingly checking his own teammates. I counted three times he kept floating towards his own guys, as if to take the puck from them.
  • Chris Higgins, Dan Hamhuis and Yannick Weber on the ice in OT. There should never be a moment where you think to yourself “High pressure, fast, offensively charged situation? I better get Hamhuis out there.”
  • Chris Higgins missing the net in OT and having the puck ring around the boards, starting the rush the other way. Then not having the energy (or desire, maybe he just said “**** it, I’ve got nice abs, I don’t need this”) to back check and instead coasts into the zone with a front row seat for the game winner.
  • Awful line changes, one of which led to a goal for the Canadiens.
  • At one point Hansen ended up Superman-ing across the ice, which is actually kind of awesome in a way


  • Edler sometimes having great shifts, then turning around and having a shift where he’s passing the puck to a ghost.
  • Bo Horvat trying to do everything by himself on shifts. He could see three guys in front of him and he would try and bulldoze through all of them in order to get a shot on net. Admirable tenacity, but questionable results.

You could go on and on about November, as most of the team has struggled in one way or another during this month. Two wins in eight attempts is not a pretty look for this team, especially when some of those losses are against Toronto, New Jersey and Buffalo.

Luckily the Canucks strong start and ability to get to OT has them 7th in the Western Conference. If they start playing better then the playoffs are still a real possibility. That being said, it’s tough to watch this team right now and see when things will indeed turn around.

Of course, this IS hockey, so watch the Canucks run the table in December and then we all laugh about how stupid Novembers are, and that all Novembers should be outlawed from everything.

Tweet of the Night

When Weise almost won the game with two seconds left in the game:


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