Fans in Montreal singing O Canada will give you goosebumps (VIDEO)

May 30 2021, 2:52 pm

It’s a staple of any all-Canadian NHL matchup: opposing fans coming together to sing a French-English mishmash of “O Canada.”

On Saturday night, we had our first taste of that since March 2020, with Game 6 of the Montreal Canadiens-Toronto Maple Leafs setting the scene for the classic tune.

The team had a pianist playing but no anthem singer, with the 2,500 fans in attendance  filling in for the lyrics.

A one-anthem game always seems a little bit more intimate than a two-anthem game. And quite the game it was. After two scoreless periods, Montreal came out on top in overtime with a 3-2 score.

While offered first to season ticket holders, prices to get in were on the resale market for over $1,000 for just about any seat.

Game 7 goes Monday night in Toronto, but there will be no fans singing there, as the doors are expected to still be closed to the public.

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