6 Canadians that you should be watching on YouTube

Mar 24 2018, 12:38 am

We’ve all been there. You’ve found a viral video that you believe to be a genuine masterpiece. But then…it happens. Based on your recommendation, your phone is passed to everyone in your group as the video plays over and over… and everyone is bored out of their minds.

Fortunately, TELUS Optik TV offers the only YouTube app available directly on a set-top box in Western Canada.

This means that Optik TV customers with 4K digital boxes don’t have to switch inputs, connect other devices to the TV or, most importantly, pass their phone around the room. Like magic, your favourite YouTube content is available on the biggest screen in the house. You can even use your smartphone or tablet to control your YouTube experience on Optik– sign in to your YouTube account to access your subscriptions and playlists.

To help fill out your subscriptions list, here are six Canadian YouTube channels we can’t get enough of.



Isaac – AKA Canoopsy – is a technology YouTuber and social media influencer. From the latest gadget reviews and must-have items to informational walkthroughs of the latest smartphones and deep dives into game-changing innovations of the past (MacBook Pro vs the first Apple laptop), Canoopsy covers it all on his knowledgeable, but approachable, channel.

Hopscotch the Globe

Kristen and Siya are living the dream. These high school sweethearts have grown their YouTube channel and travel blog, Hopscotch the Globe, to an audience of 250,000 like-minded adventurers by immersing themselves in the 50+ countries stamped in their passports and sharing everything online. The globetrotting duo even pass along some of their best travel tips (How to Survive Long Flights, 15 Expert Travel Hacks) so you can maximize your travel experience, too. Come for the wanderlust inspiration, stay for the cameos of their adorable puppy, Atlas.

Josh Rimer

Josh is a gay traveler, YouTuber, and blogger, who creates videos for the LGBT community and its allies. You may recognize Josh from the segments he hosts on OUTtv, Canada’s national LGBT TV station, but whether you are familiar with his high-energy, engaging content or not, you’ll love his YouTube channel. From Kelowna to Kansas, Josh showcases gay-friendly destinations all over North America on his recurring series, the Travel Tidbit. A new video in the series debuts every Tuesday!

Rachel David

Fancy yourself a creator and looking for a way to pay the rent? Rachel David has the advice you are looking for. She is a media entrepreneur who uses her YouTube channel to help educate creators on how to monetize their passions online. Rachel also hosts a video podcast, ‘Raking It In with Rachel David’, in which she interviews a new creator each week to learn their strategies for making money through their online presence. Budding influencers should check out Making Money on Facebook in 2018 for the latest advice on boosting your online revenue.


Tired of seeing creators repeat the same thing each week? If you’re looking for variety, gunnarolla (aka Andrew Gunadie) delivers the goods. Whether it’s a travel series taking you from Tokyo to Seoul, an iconic original anthem about what it means to be Canadian, Please, or an in-depth discussion about what it’s like to grow up as a POC, gunnarolla expertly navigates between travel, music and video blogs with slick edits and humourous, meaningful storytelling. He’s creative, he’s original, he’s real, and you’ll love his mom.


Sabrina Cruz is a Toronto-based video producer and personality who was first discovered by YouTube legends John and Hank Green of vlogbrothers’ fame. Sabrina delights her 180,000 subscribers with videos of awkward experiences, life advice and interesting trivia, deftly combining nerd culture (Roasting Female Dr Who haters) and comedy to keep her audience laughing and learning. Currently an undergraduate student studying mathematics and economics at the University of Toronto, Sabrina often shares the humour and horrors (School Things that Don’t Make Sense) she finds in academic life.

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