Why more Canadians are choosing RV vacations this summer

Jul 3 2020, 8:47 am

This summer, our travel agendas have shifted significantly as we navigate the new normal. Although there are certain barriers to international travel, this isn’t the case on a local level.

The province is working through its¬†phased-in reopening plan, the weather is picking up, and there has never been a better time to hit the road. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a car; embarking on an adventure is easy with a¬†rental RV.

BC’s rich natural landscape has something for every kind of vacationer. Oftentimes, travelling just a few hours outside of Vancouver offers that transformative experience and city-life detox so many of us crave.

To discover why more Canadians are opting for RV vacations this season, we teamed up Canada’s family-owned and operated Fraserway RV.

Increased travel flexibility

When you’re not relying on limited transit schedules to get you from A to B, your travel flexibility increases. In the driver’s seat of an RV, you can follow a pre-planned itinerary or choose the spots you want to visit along the way. Pull up near glistening lakes and go swimming, head out on a refreshing hike in the mountains, or catch the sunset from a mesmerizing viewpoint.¬†Although motorhomes can park at roadside ‘rest areas’ unless otherwise stated, it’s best to find RV parks and RV campgrounds at each destination.

Everything under one roof

Almost everything you need is under one roof in an RV.¬†Before you depart, a representative at Fraserway RV will take you through the features of your rental and the responsibilities to follow. Onboard, you’ll find a shower, toilet, water heater, stove, heater, fridge, freezer, and a¬†propane furnace. Many RVs have solar panels and generators, too. If you don’t want to bring sheets, towels, duvets, kitchen utensils, and campground essentials, add a convenience kit to your booking.

Affordable vacations

Most Canadians are looking for affordability when it comes to local travel right now. You can choose a camper¬†within your budget¬†that sleeps anywhere from two to six people, making it an easy choice for romantic getaways or family holidays. Since you won’t be booking hotels during an RV vacation, you’ll save money on accommodations. Fraserway RV is currently running a summer offer with 25% off nightly rental and kilometre packages, too.

Safe and secure

Travelling safely is a top priority for Canadians this summer. As RV vacations are centred around self-contained campers, your exposure to germs at shared public facilities is reduced. Fraserway RV has also increased its cleaning and¬†disinfection protocols using¬†industry-leading disinfectants, and while you’re on board, you can wipe down surfaces as you go.

A sense of adventure

Camping the old fashioned way can be exhausting by the time you pack everything, load up your car, and unload at the site. RV vacations save you from having to do all of these time-consuming things. Instead, they foster a sense of stress-free adventure. It’s easy to make a virtual appointment¬†to view a rental RV and ask any burning questions you may have. The process of checking out a camper on the day of your departure takes just over an hour under normal circumstances.

Don’t let this summer pass you by — make the most of it with an action-packed RV vacation.

Anyone interested in renting an RV (and¬†the authorized second driver) must be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver’s licence.¬†There is no charge for additional drivers; everyone just needs to sign the contract and be present upon pick up.

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