Canadian Tire Money is going digital

Dec 19 2017, 8:07 pm

Canada’s oldest customer loyalty program is getting a modern reboot: Canadian Tire Money is going digital.

The nationwide retailer has announced a new, contemporary way to rack up “points,” with them, instead of jamming all those loose paper bills in your junk drawer (although you still can do that).

Canadian Tire is implementing their My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ program, which will allow customers to earn e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ in their My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ account by purchasing merchandise or automotive services at their stores and through their website.

The e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ is tied to the consumer’s Canadian Tire Mobile App, program card or key fob, or the retailer’s MasterCard. Just like the paper stuff, the virtual money doesn’t expire, either.

But don’t fret if you still have a mountain of Canadian Tire cash burning a hole in your filing cabinet or glove compartment. The company says their paper “money” will remain in circulation for now.

That’s good news for this guy:

Photo by MattysFlicks/Flickr

Having that paper money around will be a good thing for fix-it focused grandpas across the country, or, as one Globe and Mail columnist suggests, the potentially independent nation of Scotland. We’ve even heard of some BC bars accepting the paper “cash” for purchases.

Featured image: Dan McKay/Flickr

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