Canadian and International Style Maker: Hung Vanngo

Since 2006, Hung Vanngo has been living his dream in the epicentre of North American fashion – New York City.  In many fashion circles he is fondly thought of as “Hung Vangogh” because of his masterful skills as a makeup artist. Both his soft nature and discerning taste have made Hung a true favourite in the international fashion industry.

Hung, who was born in Danang, VietNam immigrated to Canada at very young age.  Since childhood Hung has showcased his artistic talent in both drawing and painting. His mind has always been captivated by colours and forms.

Now our style maker galavants across the world, creating editorial projects and makeup artistry for A-list celebrity bookings. With Oscar Award winning actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway as his clients, Hung continues to be in international demand and constantly on the road or in a plane.

Hung’s good opinion is of much consequence to his clients and his fans. His global achievements have bestowed Hung with the opportunity to represent  ck one color cosmetics, as a global ambassador for the cosmetic brand. 

Hung Vanngo Elle

Today Hung traveling great distances to achieve breathtaking fashion covers for magazine such as, VOGUE Italia and Korea, ELLE, Harper’s BAZAAR and FLARE to name a few.


Hung has certainly found his home (and following) in NYC and Vancity Buzz wanted to know what he loved about New York City. You can follow Hung too, click here to follow Hung on Twitter and Facebook.


What is the best part about living in NYC?

The best part about living in NYC is the energy, the vibrancy and the diversity the city has to offer.  You really cannot find that anywhere else in the world.

Hung Vanngo H bazar 1

We love to know style makers thoughts on food and social media, we pry a little to find out what Hung’s favourites are…

Are you a foodie? What are your top three restaurants in NYC that you go to? 

I love food. I do not cook so I tend to eat out almost everyday. My top three restaurants in NYC are as follows.

  1. Barpiti – for Italian food
  2. Café Mogador – for Mediterranean food
  3. Ootoya – for Japanese food


What is your favourite café in NYC?

My favourite café in NYC is Café Grumpy. They have a few locations around NYC city but I usually go to the one in Chelsea.

Hung Vanngo Flare

What is it like to be a Canadian working in the USA in your profession?

It is a little tricky with the working permit. (I am legally working here with an O1 visa that is sponsored by my agency). However, I think a lot of the people who are working in NYC come from all over the world. Where you come from is never an issue; your work ethic is the most important thing.

HungVanngo GwenythCan you tell us what you are currently working on?

I am working on a new project almost everyday now. I believe I have close to 15 covers coming out from now until November. It is hard to list them because most of the work we have created, will not be released until four to six months after we shoot.


How do you feel about social media’s influence on fashion today?

I think social media is extremely important in almost any kind of business – not just fashion. I think people should not underestimate the power of social media. I was not really into forms of social media at first, but I am quite into them now, especially Instagram.

HungVanngo Celebrity 2

What channels of social media do you use?  What are the most effective for you?

I use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I use Facebook mainly to keep in touch with my friends and my family. I maintain Twitter and Instagram mainly for my work. I find Instagram to be the most effective for me – my line of work is very visual.


What are the biggest misconceptions people have about your career?

One of the things people always say to me is that “you are so lucky with your career.” It does bother me a bit. I do agree that luck plays a part in everyone’s success, but hard work and talent are the most important attributes to have. I put my heart and soul into my work, and I work all the time. It never comes as easily as some people think it does.


What types of friends would we find in your circle, who do you gravitate towards?

Because I work in fashion and working on different sets almost daily, I do meet many talented people. But I only have very few close friends. None of my close friends are similar to each other. I love different personalities.

What accessories are you into currently?

I actually do not wear watches or any jewelry. I used to wear all black mostly but since last year, I started wearing bright colours. My accessories now are colorful baseball hats and colourful sneakers.

Hung Vanngo ID

What was the last project you completed?

I just finished working on an editorial for the October issue of W Magazine.

Where do you usually shop for your own clothes?

I do most of my shopping online now!

I love a few websites like,,,,,

Hung Vannog H Bazaar

Do you collect anything?

I collect baseball hats and sneakers.

What advice can you give aspiring artists?

Hard work will pay off.

 Hung Vanngo Cover

Did you always want to be in fashion?

I always wanted to work in fashion. I didn’t have the opportunity to do that when I was living in Calgary, Allbeta and after a few moves, (Montreal – Toronto – New York) I realized New York was where I belonged.

What is next for Hung Vanngo?

I am currently a global ambassador for ck one color cosmetics and they are have been steadily launching all over the world. I hope to have the opportunity to go everywhere with ck one, for all of their worldwide launches.