3 Canadian roadside stories that will inspire you on your next adventure

Jul 12 2017, 3:06 am

When you’re driving along the highway, do you ever think about the other drivers around you?

Most of us are rushing to get somewhere on time and it’s the last thing we think about.

belairdirect wants to change that.

Inspired by the diverse and unique experiences of real Canadian drivers, the car and home insurance company has created a video series, Roadside Stories, that showcases the real experiences of Canadians on the road.

The videos feature a vintage car collector from Vancouver who has watched the way we drive evolve first-hand, a Montreal couple on a soul-searching road trip who identified BC as their top favourite scenic route, and four Torontonians who had to adapt to new driving rules when they moved to Canada from around the world.

These stories show us the many qualities and strengths Canadians bring to their daily lives. Whether they are facing a challenge, seeking opportunity or embarking on an adventure, they all end up on the same roads.

With more than 23 million vehicles on Canadian roads, Roadside Stories celebrate the diversity of the drivers within them and encourage everyone to share the road.

You’ll get to see what driving means to them and discover how the paths we take shape who we become – and hopefully be inspired to share the road ahead.

“Our priority is to offer people peace of mind and we recognize that our role in Canadians’ lives is to protect our drivers from the hassles of the road, so they can focus on getting where they need to go,” said Marie-Pierre Leclerc, interactive marketing and digital platforms manager at belairdirect.

belairdirect is expanding the series, with two new videos coming out this fall.

For more information, see belairdirect’s Roadside Stories online. To get the latest updates and stay in the know, check out belairdirect on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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