Election 2015: Vancouver Kingsway

Dec 19 2017, 5:55 pm

Welcome to Vancity Buzz’s Election 2015 coverage for Metro Vancouver. Refresh this post on October 19 for up-to-date information for the Vancouver Kingsway riding. 

Vancouver Kingsway


Vancouver Kingsway is home to over 100,000 people, most of whom are immigrants. There is a large Chinese-Canadian population in the area and 62 per cent of people in the area are non-Christian. The electoral district is currently represented by MP Don Davies with the NDP.

Here is a map of the district:


  • Conservative: Jojo Quimpo 9,538/21.1%
  • NDP: Don Davies (Incumbent) RE-ELECTED 20,663/45.6%
  • Liberal: Steven Kou 12,625/27.9%
  • Green: Catherine Moore-Gaska 1,476/3.3%
  • Communist: Kimball Cariou 447/1.0%
  • Libertarian: Matt Kadioglu 468/1.0%
  • Marxist-Leninst: Donna Petersen 81/0.2%


9:09 p.m. – As of now the projected winner of the riding is Don Davies of the New Democratic Party.