Election 2015: Fleetwood-Port Kells

Dec 19 2017, 5:55 pm

Welcome to Vancity Buzz’s Election 2015 coverage for Metro Vancouver. Refresh this post on October 19 for up-to-date information for the Fleetwood-Port Kells riding.

Fleetwood-Port Kells


Another bastion of the Conservative Party, Nina Grewal has served as MP in for 11 years. With current polls suggesting Liberal candidate Ken Hardie has pulled into the lead, we could see an unexpected shake up in Fleetwood – Port Kells for the first time in over a decade.

Here is a map of the district:

Elections Canada

Elections Canada


  • Conservative: Nina Grewal (Incumbent) 14,273%/29.3%
  • NDP: Garry Begg 10,461/21.5%
  • Liberal: Ken Hardie ELECTED 22,841/46.9%
  • Green: Richard Hosein 1,155/2.4%


8:39 p.m. – As of now the projected winner of the riding is Ken Hardie of the Liberal Party.