Canadian airline passengers allowed to use electronic devices on takeoff, landing

Dec 19 2017, 6:42 pm

Canadian airline passengers will soon be permitted to use their portable electronic devices at any time of a flight, from takeoff to landing.

Federal transport minister Lisa Raitt said this means passengers can now use portable electronic video gaming devices, smartphones, cameras, e-readers, tablets and computers throughout their entire flight. However, electronic devices cannot transmit any signals; devices should be switched to ‘airplane mode’ as restrictions on making phone calls and turning on WiFi and Bluetooth while in the air still exist.

Signals transmitted from any electronic device can still interfere with the navigation and communications systems of an aircraft. The new, flexible Canadian policy for flight travel comes after the United States and European made similar changes in 2013.

Canadian airlines could adopt and implement the new policy sometime in the coming weeks, although there is one caveat to overcome. Airlines must demonstrate to Transport Canada that their planes will not be affected by the usage of electronic devices and provide a plan to ensure that passengers will be able to follow crew instructions during passenger safety briefings and emergencies.

Featured Image: air passenger electronic device via Shutterstock

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