Canada's smallest condos to be built in Surrey

Some of the country’s smallest condos are not coming to downtown Vancouver where space is limited, they are coming to Surrey. According to developer Tien Sher, their newest project, a four-storey wood-frame building in Surrey, will be home to Canada’s smallest condos.

But are they really the country’s smallest? Not that this is a title to brag about, but Vancouver is already home to some of the country’s smallest condos, the micro-lofts in Gastown. The Gastown lofts range in size from 226 to 291 square feet.  The Surrey development will have 56 micro-suites, some as small as 297 square feet, but nowhere near 226 square feet, and there may even be smaller units elsewhere in the country.

Smallest condo title bragging rights aside, this development begs the question; will people want to live in a tiny condo in an amenity deprived region? In Vancouver, it’s easy to put up with the smaller units because, quite frankly, you have one of the most highly livable downtown regions in the world as your back yard. The same cannot be said about Surrey.

Pricing has yet to be revealed but condos in Surrey generally go in the $350/sq. foot range, so look for these units to be priced near the $100,000 mark, thus offering a real affordable solution to first time home buyers.


Update: Prices start at just under $110,000 and go on sale on April 20. All 56 micro-units will include nine-foot ceilings, laminate oak floors, track lighting and a large open balcony. The largest suite of the development is set to be one-bedroom, 653 sq. ft. Click here for more info.


Image: Tien Sher